5 Amazon Finds You Didn’t Know You Needed | Vol. 3

Amazon Finds

Let’s round up some of my latest March Amazon finds, shall we? I don’t want to brag and say I’ve perfected being an Amazon consumer…but I *feel* like I have, ya know? Although I have a love/hate relationship with Amazon, I do feel like some of the things I’ve found there have really made me life a lot easier. Okay fine, and things that simply make me happy. So that’s why I started this series — and I hope they can help make your life a little easier and happier too.

March Amazon Finds

Glass Cups

Let’s start off with a fun one! I’m not sure when I became a specific glass girly, but here we are. I saw what looked like fancy glass cups on social media and I was like, “Hmm, that would make my at home lattes even cuter.” So yes, I then ordered these. I will say I ideally would have liked bigger ones, but I was honestly too lazy to return and order new ones. So that’s my only con. Other than that, they are really great quality and I love that they came with glass straws and cleaners.

Pebble Ice Trays

Coming off being a glass girly, I have a question: Why are we all so obsessed with certain shaped ice?! Pebble ice is elite in my book, and you cannot convince me otherwise. Being that I live in a 600-sq.ft. apartment (oh and you know, logical), spending a lot of money on this maker just wasn’t realistic. Now that I’m doing more coffee at home, I noticed that I actually hate my ice cube tray and how often I was filling it up. But whatever, didn’t think anything of it. Then I was randomly on Amazon and thought about pebble ice. I found this mold that also came with a container so that you can make a bunch and continually filling up the container. GENIUS if you ask me!

Milk Frother Pitcher

Did I need this? Absolutely not. But does it make pouring ice, espresso, and cold foam easier? It also is smaller than I thought it would be, so that’s actually a plus. Makes me feel like a fancy barista. So this was definitely one of my fun pick ups for the month.

Silicone Heel Protectors

Okay when I say these are ACTUAL life savers, I mean it. I was having a really hard time getting my new Chanel flats to fit properly on my right foot. I went up a half size because of how uncomfortable my other two pairs are. And that’s when I learned my right foot is smaller than my left. My last resort were these silicone heel protectors that also have a piece that grips to the back of the shoe. I have the fabric heel grips, but they weren’t grippy enough. These silicone ones help keep my foot in place and also prevents blisters. They also made my flats SO comfy – I even put them in my other flat that didn’t really need much help other than comfort!

Long Denim Coat

I picked up this denim coat after seeing this look on Tate’s Instagram (and admittedly, yes, this is why I also just bought a Givenchy Pandora LOLLLLLL – I know, I’m ridiculous). I’ve been gravitating towards lighter weight coats this spring, and I thought the idea of a long denim jacket was kind of cool. The Zara one was naturally sold out, and since I was looking for something pretty trendy, I decided to check out Amazon. I went into it knowing the quality wouldn’t be incredible, but it’s honestly not as bad as I thought it would be. They have a couple of different options too — I got a small and it’s definitely oversized, but still works!

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