My Luxury Wishlist

I’ve realized I’m weird. I’m the kind of girl who really doesn’t need much, but like, wants a lot? I’m very well aware that sometimes my spending habits are a bit too ridiculous (as in I’m very much an impulse buyer vs thinking about purchases no matter how big or small). Not like I spend a TON of money, but I feel like I’m just constantly spending money. On the other hand, I genuinely enjoy buying things for myself – especially if it’s a special occasion or milestone moment. Having a luxury wishlist just feels necessary to me at this point in my life — because a girl’s gotta dream!!!

My Luxury Wishlist

A beat up vintage Kelly

I’m not HUGE on Hermes. Not only because I can’t afford most pieces (LOL), but also because I hate their “you can’t get that bag if you’re not important enough” policy. I know, I know that’s not the ACTUAL policy, but it essentially is. I do like their shoes, so I’ll continue buying those. BUT ANYWAY…I’ve always had an affinity for Kelly bags. I was never on the Birkin train – it’s not really my style. But the Kelly? ICONIC. And what’s better than a BEAT. UP. KELLY. BAG? Literally nothing. I’m actually all about beating your bags up – like USE THEM, ya know?! So to buy one that has already been through a whole other life?! Sign me up. *sigh* ONE DAY.

A nice coffee table

I think I’m just in a interior mindset since we got our new couch. We currently have a round coffee table and it just doesn’t fit with the couch. So we’re looking for another one and I’m low key shook how expensive they are!!! Maybe because I’m in this “adulting era” and not looking at Wayfair anymore for my interior needs.

A Chanel Coco Crush

I’ve had my eye on this ring for quite some time. I’m not a HUGE jewelry person, but I do love the idea of every day rings. At some point, I would LOVE to add this to my collection. It feels like such a good daily piece to have, and I mean…hi, Chanel. That’s all.

A new Celine bag

I was luckily enough to receive some Celine goodies from my boyfriend last year, but now I’m itching to add another to my collection. Over the years, I’ve realized how much of a Celine girly I am (here’s what my designer bag collection looked like in 2020 – I’m happy to say I’ve been able to grow it!). Now that I’m thinking about it, I’ll take ANYthing from Celine. I added some of my picks above!

A Cartier Louis Tank watch

I’ve had this watch on my list for LITERAL YEARS. I would love to buy it for myself one day, that feels like such a great accomplishment purchase, no? I’m not really into metals or even watches in general. But this croc band is PERFECTION.

Okay so these items are obviously all not feasible for 2023 or even 2024. BUT it is fun to dream about them, and this way when I finally AM able to purchase them, they’ll be that much more special!

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