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I’m one of the nosiest people you’ll ever meet. I just really enjoy knowing everything. That includes what’s in people’s closets. So that’s why I thought it would be fun to share my designer bag collection with you!

I’ll never forget my first designer bag. I remember walking down 5th Avenue with my dad and sister one weekend.  I can’t remember where we were going, but I remember my sister and I had a reaction while walking past Gucci. We saw a bag in the window that made us react.

On the way back to our car, I remember my dad taking a left into Gucci. He was getting my sister and I our first designer bags. We each got a GG Horsebit Medium Canvas Hobo Bag — mine in the classic tan, and my sister in black. Did I need a Gucci bag when I was in high school? No, no I did not (and we still laugh at my dad for doing that). But clearly I didn’t forget it.

As I got older, I was lucky enough that my parents bought me a Louis Vuitton GM Neverfull for Christmas because I wanted it for college. And since my sister was 6 years older than me, she was making her own money to buy herself designer goods — so I would occasionally steal those;) I didn’t NEED designer goods, but I definitely wanted them.

And then it was MY turn to purchase my own designer bags. I try to be VERY intentional when purchasing designer bags. I also know how LUCKY I am to be able to afford designer bags. I work hard to save up to purchase bags that will last, bags that I WANT to keep in my closet. I typically get asked a few questions when I post my designer bags. So I wanted to chat about what I currently own. This isn’t to brag at all, but I hope I can help aid in YOUR search to get the perfect designer bag that fits your needs.

Just a note — I’m ALL about function over design. Of course, I need to like the design, but I definitely look for bags that I can and will use the crap out of. I take really good care of my designer pieces, but I also love wearing them for every day use (i.e. commute (#RIP), travel, going out, etc.).

Celine Small Belt Bag

This was my first designer purchase. I don’t know what drew me to this bag, but I loved it so much. I thought the design was so sleek, and it was a pretty affordable price for a bag.

Pros: I mentioned the design is so sleek. I love the way the shoulder strap drop is perfect for my height (5’3). Although the inside of the bag is pretty open, there are two small flap pockets in the interior, and a back zip pocket at the exterior. I usually put my small card holder wallet so it’s easily accessible for things like my metro card. I also like that the shoulder strap is detachable and you can use it just as a top handle bag.

Cons: I have the small belt bag and the closure is pretty annoying. It does has a zip so your bag isn’t flopping all over the place, but sometimes the flap closure is hard to undo in a pinch, or it doesn’t stay closed since the bag itself it’s super structured. Another con (personal), is that you can’t crossbody it since the shoulder strap is shorter.

Overall, I recommend this bag as it’s a great size!

Celine Nano Luggage

Since I really liked my Celine belt bag, I decided to look into another Celine when I was ready for my next designer purchase. I really wanted a nice crossbody bag in a new color. So I had my eyes on the green Nano Luggage, and decided to go for it.

Pros: Interior pocket. Top zipper so you can close while walking around. Perfect size for on the go — and actually fits a lot.

Cons: The strap is SUPER long on me – I’m 5’3!

Overall, I would recommend this bag if you’re in the market for a small, every day crossbody.

Saint Laurent Medium Sac de Jour

I’ll admit this was KIND OF a random purchase. But I had been browsing on Fashionphile one night, and spotted the Saint Laurent. I had my eye on it for YEARS. The price was really, really great and the condition ended up being better than I expected. I didn’t have a beige bag, so I pulled the trigger.

Pros: Three separate compartments and interior pockets, detachable shoulder strap, can use as a top handle bag, and it’s structured so the shape holds well

Cons: The bag is overall pretty heavy and VERY structured (I’m listing this as a con too because I know some people might not like that)

Overall, I would recommend this ONLY if you’re looking for a structured bag.

Saint Laurent Linen Rive Gauche Tote

I bought this bag as a birthday present to myself a few years ago. Since my birthday happens to be during the summer, this was THE perfect bag. I absolutely LOVE this bag so much. I used is as my summer work bag and my summer weekend bag.

Pros: Large, open tote with 1 interior pocket. Overall, just a chic canvas tote

Cons: No closures, loses its shape quickly.

Overall, would recommend if you’re looking for a travel tote.

Chanel Gabrielle Medium Hobo

And finally, my newest baby. Of course, if you’re into designer things, you love Chanel. I used to borrow my sister’s Chanel classic flap all the time. When I wanted to purchase my next designer bag, my mind immediately went to the Chanel Gabrielle Hobo. For some reason, I just think it’s a gorgeous bag. I’m kind of over the classic flap, and felt this was a much cooler option…that still kind of had a grandma vibe?

Pros: It’s CHANEL. The three chains makes it feel super cool and chic. Three interior pockets!

Cons: The bottom is SUPER structured and can easily scuff.

Overall, would recommend if you’re looking for a Chanel that isn’t the flap.

What’s YOUR dream designer bag? Do you already own it?

photos by allie provost

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  1. 4.23.22
    Ella said:

    Hi! Help please! Is the Gabrielle the large or the medium one? I’m trying to get the one Jimin of BTS owns but don’t know the size. I think it’s exactly the size you have. Thanks!!!