An Oops Moment

So today was supposed to be the day I shared a little bit of my Turn It Up 20 journey…until I got home from SoulCycle last night. Mantas actually kicked my ass. Like to the point where I got home, showered and went to bed. Seriously.

LUCKILY, J.Crew Factory new arrivals just hit online, and I’m pretty in love with everything. I kind of stopped shopping at J.Crew Factory and even stopped going on the site. I just happened to click their email this morning and really enjoyed what I saw. It’s super summery, which is exactly what I need right now since the weather in NYC is finally fantastic.

What are your thoughts on J.Crew Factory? Love? Hate? How do you feel about J.Crew Factory in comparison to J.Crew?

PS: If you have any questions about SoulCycle or want me to include anything specific in my update post, let me know in the comments, tweet me or email me!

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