January 2019 Reads

2019 is the year of reading for me.

I can’t believe I’ve actually never really talked about reading on my blog. When I was younger, I was a FREAK when it came to reading books. Every week, my mom would bring me to the library or Barnes & Noble because I HAD to have new books. I could legitimately spend hours in a bookstore.

Reading kind of fell by the wayside when I got to high school and was pretty consumed by track practices and meets.

Unfortunately, I didn’t quite fall back in love with reading. I read books here and there, but not like I used to. So when I got my iPad, I immediately started reading. I want to share more of my favorites around here more often. So here’s what I read this January!

Alone, Lisa Gardner

I’m a sucker for anything murder-mystery related or a psychological thriller.

This book is about a police department sniper who ends up killing a man who looked like he was about to kill his wife. The story unravels from there. A LOT. Family secrets, manipulation, morals, and more all come into play. I honestly didn’t see the twists and turns, which kept me flipping the pages for hours! I ended up reading this book in about 5 days!

The Giver, Lois Lowry

I remember reading this book in my 8th grade class and loving it. I knew the story was about an alternate universe, but didn’t really remember what it was about. So I gave it another read (in about 3 days). It’s an easy read that puts lots of things we take for granted into perspective — color, memories, pain, etc. I also never knew that Lois Lowry wrote more books! They’re not “sequels” but people speculate that they’re about Jonas and Gabe.

The Lilac Girls, Martha Hall Kelly

I’m currently reading this now! I’m about half way through and LOVING it. It’s a devastating book about three young women all in different places during the Hitler invasion — one in New York, one in Poland/then later sent to a concentration camp, and one who is a doctor at the concentration camp. I’m really into historical fiction, so this book just captured my attention. Since I’m not done, I don’t have a full review, but I can definitely say this is a MUST READ.

Are you a big reader? If so, do you like when people write about their reading lists?

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