The Random Items I Use Every Day

Do you ever realize that there are certain things you use every. single. day?

My friend, Hillary, posted this a couple of weeks ago and I really enjoyed it! It got me thinking about the items that I use EVERY single day, sometimes without even realizing it.

Dry shampoo

I know people joke about how much dry shampoo they use, but for me…it truly is a lot. Even when I get out of the shower, I add a little dry shampoo once my hair is air dried for some texture (a tip I learned from my stylist, Andrew at Spoke & Weal). My absolute favorite dry shampoo is Drybar. The scent alone is reason enough to purchase it, but it really works best for my hair. Since I go through dry shampoo fairly quickly, it does add up. I recently tried Batiste Dry Shampoo (and Elle has the cherry scent, which is heavenly), and it’s a pretty decent option.

First Aid Beauty Intensive Lip Balm

My lips are FOREVER chapped. I have no idea what it is, but they’re never smooth for more than like 2 days. Luckily, I found FAB’s Intensive Lip Balm a year or so ago (thanks to Elle), and my life is changed. A few swipes of this and my lips are relieved of chappy-ness (yup, just made up my own word).


I realized I don’t leave the house without my iPad anymore. It’s my favorite thing right now — for reading and staying organized!


As a New Yorker, it’s truly SOOOOO important to always have your MetroCard on you. Who knew that a little plastic card could be so important to someone! I even always make sure I have a few back up MetroCards in my bag with me (because ain’t nobody got time to pay $1 + your balance for a brand new card).

Big, big, big mug

I’ve always been such a tea drinker. Recently, I’ve been using this HUGE mug (that my sister and I would use for soup when we were younger…so you know it’s that big). I could drink tea all day every day, it’s seriously so calming and relaxing for me.


Every. Damn. Day. I often get asked why I wear sunglasses so much in my photos. Well, 1. Then I don’t need to worry about my eyes looking crazy in over half the photos because #efficient and 2. I actually love wearing sunglasses in real life LOL. My current favorites are my brand new Celine sunnies!

What are three  (or more) items YOU use every day?


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