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If you’ve been reading this blog since 2012, you may or may not remember my J.Crew phase. I blame my college best friend, Claire, for this (hi, Claire!). She was a VPS at J.Crew and I couldn’t help myself when we went shopping there…or when I was shopping her closet (lol). Everyone knew me as the girl who basically only wore J.Crew (how embarrassing is that?!). I exclusively wore pixie pants, puffer vests, and gingham shirts. No seriously, take a look at this Instagram post.

When I moved back to New York after college, I knew I needed to start stepping outside of the world of J.Crew. This means I actually just stopped shopping there.

I was recently browsing the site, and found SO many pieces I need want in my closet. I picked up this skirt, these flats, and this sweater yesterday and I’m SO excited. I love that ever since I’ve snapped out of the J.Crew ad I was living in, I’ve been finding ways to incorporate the elements of preppy dressing into my newfound personal style. There are so many pieces that I want to add to my closet, and I think I will very soon.

Check out some of my other picks below!

What J.Crew pieces are you loving this season? Did you go through an all J.Crew phase like I did?

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  1. 9.27.16

    Oh yes! I was J.Crew everything my junior and senior year of college and haven’t really gone back since with the exception of a few of their beautiful sequin pieces!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    • 9.27.16
      Dana Mannarino said:

      I think they’re making a small comeback into my heart 😉 Some of their pieces lately are TOO good!

  2. 9.27.16
    Jenn Lake said:

    So many goodies! Those pink velvet flats are too good!

    • 9.27.16
      Dana Mannarino said:

      Right?! Those are on my “DEFINITELY NEED” list!

  3. 9.27.16
    Alissa said:

    I’ve always LOVED J.Crew but just didn’t have the money for it. I do have a black and white gingham button down that’s my favorite! Probably the only item I paid full price for lol!

    Naturally Me

    • 9.27.16
      Dana Mannarino said:

      I feel like their pieces were SO expensive back in the day. Now I’ve noticed price drops (and I’m loving it)!

  4. 9.27.16
    Emily said:

    I had a similar relationship with J.Crew and haven’t picked up too many pieces there over the last few years. But this season that all changed…I’m loving everything!!


    • 9.27.16
      Dana Mannarino said:

      Totally on the same page! I also noticed their price drops, which is awesome!

  5. 9.28.16

    J. Crew has some amazing pieces that are always in style! I love to pair some of my preppier J. Crew pieces with more casual items in my closet, like sneakers and sweatshirts!

    Rachel / http://www.seashellsandsparkles.com

  6. 9.28.16

    I’m pretty sure I’m still in a J. Crew phase. It started, hmmm, maybe about 8 years ago? Geezzzz I’m old! I’m sad they only have a few pairs of maternity pants and nothing else maternity. Huge letdown. 4 more months of no J. Crew (ok, so just shoes…)

    Easy Petite Looks Blog

  7. 9.30.16
    Lorena Lorena said:

    I am probably the only person who will comment here that has never EVER purchased anything from J.Crew ! I love their stuff, drool at their look book and then when I get to the stores I find nothing…

  8. 9.30.16

    oh yes! i remember your j.crew days haha can’t wait to see how you style these pieces!!



  9. 9.30.16
    Laura said:

    J.Crew’s fall collection is gorgeous!! So many fun, must-have pieces!

  10. 9.30.16

    J.Crew’s fall collection is so so good! Love it! xo Bryn http://www.waketonroad.com