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A lot goes into ONE Instagram post.

Instagram Themes And Strategies by popular New York style blogger and influencer The Champagne Edit


If you’re an influencer, you know this is true. Instagram is a lot of work. Way more work than any other social network (with the exception of Pinterest, maybe…and I’m still trying to conquer that beast). Ever since I decided to stop caring about things I couldn’t control and figured out a few ways to “beat” the Instagram algorithm, I started caring more about the content I was putting onto social media.

Enter: Instagram themes.

I never had a “theme” or cared about my feed until Allie straight up told me she didn’t like how many photos of myself were on my feed. It got me thinking about my feed and how she was right — it was ALL me. I don’t know how that makes me look appealing to brands or people who are looking for new accounts to follow. Allie also mentioned that I needed more “filler” photos to help balance out all of the outfits I was posting. Yep, she was right.

Since then, I started focusing on my Instagram theme – and keeping up with it…not because it’s helped me grow, but because it makes me happy! I wanted to share a few of my tips and tricks for mastering your own Instagram themes and some strategies behind a good theme!

Find your color scheme

If I started posted insanely colorful photos, you guys would be like WTF. It’s just not me or my brand. When I think about my color scheme, it’s neutral and simple. I gravitate towards neutral clothes and neutral locations to shoot at. It just fits me. With that being said, I decided that my color scheme went better with a more moody/warm theme. So I started looking around on VSCO to see what I was workin’ with.

Think about your brand

Again, my brand is NOT all about colors and rainbows and that kinda fluff. My brand is all about my edited life and sharing my life through what I wear (among some other things)! I’m not a bursting ray of sunshine in all of my photos, and I try to capture the New York City vibe in a very minimal/neutral way. I felt like since my images are so netural (with occasional pops of color), a moody Instagram theme would be an effortless transition.

Stay consistent

If it’s the first time putting your new theme to the test, it’s not going to look perfect for a while. It takes quite a bit to configure an Instagram theme, and get it to the place where you’re happy with it.

Don’t force it, have fun with it

I actually have SO much fun editing photos for Instagram. It’s really fun to watch yourself get better and make minor tweaks. And ya know, when you’re putting out content you love, you’re more motivated. If you’re looking for a way to stop thinking about the Instagram algorithm, coming up with a theme can definitely help!

My theme: VSCO A4 with less contrast, up the warmth, tone down the brightness and maybe a hiiiiiint of tint. Next week I’ll be teaming up with Allie to share more about exactly how we edit my photos — both on an iPhone and in Lightroom!

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  1. 1.24.18
    Kendal said:

    Instagram is something that I struggle with. I end up doing a theme but then am not a huge fan of how it turns out. Or, I just take pictures on my iPhone and I may have to start taking them with a real camera! I’m really trying to get back into Instagram stories, too 🙂

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  2. 1.24.18

    OMG, I love this (and hey Allie, can you tell me how you really feel too about my feed, lol?) I don’t really think I’ve found my theme just yet, but I know what I like and what I’m trying to convey and I’m slowly getting there (and this post really helped!)

  3. 1.24.18

    I was noticing the new theme and I’m really digging it! xo Bryn

  4. 1.24.18

    LOVE this! I also agree with your statement, if you focus on your theme, you’ll stop focusing on the algorithm. I’ve definitely noticed that for myself as I’ve been working on my theme. Definitely need Allie or a friend like Allie to tell me if I am doing it all wrong or need more/less of something. Can’t wait for the post next week!

    xo Laura Leigh

    • 1.25.18

      girl you are killing it!! but like actually so obsessed with everything you have been doing recently!

  5. 1.24.18

    You know I love the new filter, but I especially love the new content thrown in there too. Also, leave it to Allie to tell you the straight up truth ?

    xx Caroline

  6. 1.24.18
    Jenn Lake said:

    Loving the vibe you’ve created, lady!!!

  7. 1.24.18
    Allie said:

    This is so helpful, as been all your posts on Instagram. My main goal for the next couple of weeks is to really start improving my Instagram and this is awesome. You’re the best, thank you!!! xAllie

  8. 1.24.18

    great post! I often follow a theme and get annoyed with myself when I post photos too similar together! lol it’s something to get used to!! but always leaves me happier when I plan it out just a little. great tips!

  9. 1.24.18

    I noticed you honed in on a theme and I LOVE IT!! Definitely nailing the NYC minimal and chic vibes! ((LOVE VSCO cam! I use A7 and up my contrast! Do you have the lightroom presets as well?! If not, they’re totally worth it!))

    How 2 Wear It []

  10. 1.24.18

    Your brand differs from mine, but I absolutely LOVE it! Your theme looks amazing and cohesive. I’ll definitely be applying these tips…I sometimes find it so hard to keep up with a theme, but this was really helpful!

    Mia |

  11. 1.24.18
    Narhee said:

    Fabulous post! Definitely nice to have a theme

    Narhee | Made in Mauve

  12. 1.25.18

    I’ve also given up on the algorithm and I just focus on the content! Love your theme!

    xx Chelsea

  13. 1.28.18

    This is the HARDEST part of Instagram for me – I am still really bad at sticking to a cohesive theme. Love the tips, and yours looks great! Also really looking forward to the post on photo editing… I’m definitely still learning that, too!

  14. 1.30.18
    Kacie said:

    Love this! I definitely want to start working on my IG theme for my feed but have kind of no idea where to start, ha! Looking forward to you and Allie’s editing post!
    Xo, Kacie