Iced Coffee All Year Round

Listen, I’m not proclaiming to be a coffee addict, because I’m not. But I do love, love, love iced coffee. All year round. Nope, don’t care what the temperature is.

Everyday Morning Routine featured by popular New York blogger The Champagne Edit Everyday Morning Routine featured by popular New York blogger The Champagne Edit Everyday Morning Routine featured by popular New York blogger The Champagne Edit

I wasn’t into drinking coffee until I was out of college. The smell of coffee actually used to make me nauseous. I don’t know what changed, but I do remember getting iced coffees with my sister from this amazing breakfast spot once I graduated from college. You kinda made it on your own, and I think that’s why I started liking it: I made it sweet and added a lot of milk. If there was a vanilla flavor creamer, that was a bonus.

Now that I’ve been drinking coffee for four years, I’ve definitely become accustomed to the taste. I, by no means, need coffee. I can go some days without it. But I do love the ritual of my morning coffee. I have two different everyday morning routines that include coffee: one for the weekday, and one for the weekend (okay, there are actually two different routines for the weekend, but whatever).

Everyday Morning Routine

I’m still trying to become an early riser. I mean, I get out of bed at 6:50 every morning to get ready for work, but I’d like to wake up even earlier and get some blog work done. Anyway…once I’m in the office and settled for a minute, I start my coffee prep. I used to go to Starbucks every single morning. For about a month, I’ve sort of been phasing Starbucks out. (And after the despicable actions that happened recently in Philly,) now I’m choosing to cut Starbucks out. Another story for another day, right?

Instead, I bought these cups, these straws, and these sleeves. My sister and I LOVE Nespresso iced espresso pods, so I figured, why not make some every morning instead of spending almost $4 a day on mediocre iced coffee? I purchased the most basic Nespresso machine, but quickly realized this wasn’t really helpful for my morning routine since I’d have to make the coffee, package it up for work, and then commute. It was a bit of a hassle.

And then I was introduced to Wandering Bear Coffee, and I LOVE. I was gifted the Coffee On The Go and they are so good. Oh and super easy to transport. I leave a few in the fridge at work, and just add my cream and sugar! Now it’s all I drink (sometimes I even have two a day — luckily it serves about one and a half of of those plastic cups I use).

I always make  sure I have my coffee with me before meetings, especially any 9:30 or 10am meetings!

Weekend Morning Routine

This depends what’s going on that weekend. If I happen to be in Westchester with Matt, then we’ll wake up and go to our favorite bagel spot for breakfast and coffee. If we’re at my house, then I’m 100% using my espresso machine and making coffee. And if Matt and I are at my sister and brother-in-law’s house, we’re either making iced espressos or Matt is getting breakfast at another great breakfast spot/deli (he loves it because they have cookie crisp bagels), and loves their iced coffees.

Basically, I’m always drinking an iced coffee, as part of my everyday morning routine. I don’t care what the temperature says, there’s just nothing like an iced coffee to kick start your morning. It’s one of my favorite parts of my everyday morning routine, and something I genuinely look forward to!

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