How Working At Free People Has Changed My Personal Style

Since I started working for Free People, I’d definitely say my style has changed a bit.

I’ve always really liked Free People pieces. But was I a suuuuuuper fan of the brand? No. I can’t say I was.

Part of the reason why I took the job here is because I love the loyalty we have from our customers. Seriously, we have some RIDE OR DIE gals. Fun fact: We have a few “Free People girls” that we use to categorize our styles. It’s fun to put real life girls that I know are fans of the brand into our FP girl buckets.

Surprisingly, I have a really hard time describing my personal style. I honestly don’t know what to call it. There’s some people I see and I’m like “OH YA, SHE’S SO ….”. There’s Allie – she is the epitome of girly and feminine. There’s Carly who is a straight up prep. Helena who is an absolute classic. And then there’s Tezza, who’s the queen of edginess.

And then there’s me. I realized over the years that I just like to wear what I wear. Sometimes I’m basic. Sometimes I want to be fancy. And other times I want to wear a trend.

Thankfully, I can still dress this way now that I’m working at Free People.

So for now, I’m calling my style VERSATILE.

One day, I’ll wear this Gemma Midi dress with sandals…and the next week I’ll throw on a denim jacket and sneakers with it. Right now I’m on a huge graphic tee kick. 4 or 5 years ago, I probably wouldn’t have imagined EVER pairing a graphic tee with a skirt. But after seeing trends and seeing how we pair them at Free People, it’s become one of my go to looks!

I think the biggest takeaway from working at Free People is that you shouldn’t be afraid to take risks. Sure, you need to be conscious of how you curate your closet (investment pieces > trends should be about an 70/30), but you should have FUN with your looks. You shouldn’t have to stick to one type of style if you’ve been “labeled” as something…unless you want to of course. But that’s the beauty about fashion – ANYTHING LITERALLY GOES!

photos by allie provost

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