Elle’s Edit: My Three Favorite Things About NYC

Ah New York City. The crazy and hectic place that I call home.

Just last month I hit my three year anniversary of living in NYC and boy did that time go by quickly. It started feeling like home pretty much after I moved in and I think that is because I’m originally from Connecticut which is a short train ride away so I was already familiar with the city. It is a city that can beat you up but make you an even better person at the same time. I do have to admit that it does take a special person to live here meaning you need to be okay with being constantly surrounded by millions of people while at the same time feeling lonely. It is hard to explain to an outsider but if you live here, you get it. After being here for three years I’ve fallen more and more in love with this city. There is so much to offer and I wanted to share three of my favorite things about living here.

The people. I’ve made such incredible friends since living here and that is because I put myself out there. I knew when moving here I would have my friends from high school and college but I wanted to make a different group of friends and expand my friend circle. I wrote about it in a post on how to make friends after college but I have made my closest friends through social media (hi dana!) and through work. It is incredible the friendships you can make if you put yourself out there.

The food. AH the food. It is incredible. We are so lucky to have SO many restaurants to choose from. Even our dollar slice pizza is incredible. What more could you ask for? The first world problem that we always have is that it is hard to find a place to eat just because there are too many options.

The independence. New York forces you to be independent and make a name for yourself which I truly love. You can be your true authentic self and almost everyone will accept you. You can wear what you want and be whoever you want and people will still accept you. Since New York is so expensive you need to be able to manage your finances, pay your bills, get a good job, all while trying to enjoy your time here. It definitely is tough but everything is doable.

What is your favorite thing about NYC?

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