How To Stand Out In A World Of Influencers

Spoiler alert: THERE ARE A LOT OF INFLUENCERS!!! (*sarcasm*)

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I know I say this a lot, but when I stop and think about the amount of influencers there are in the world, it’s CRAZY. The way this industry has grown over the last few years is impossible to comprehend. While my blog and my Instagram didn’t take off as fast as some others, I think there’s a lot to be said about my consistency since 2012. Sure, a lot has changed, but one thing always remains the same: I’ve never altered the way I’ve done things just to fit in. 

Today, I wanted to step away from the cookie cutter science around “the perfect blog post” and just get real. The truth is, a lot of people are really afraid to start a blog because they’re afraid they won’t make money or gain followers. Fine. Those are valid concerns, but those are NOT main reasons to start a blog, and they certainly are not reasons TO NOT start a blog. There are so many reasons why bloggers are successful: They offer something to their readers or followers (like Jenna Kutcher), they have kick ass outfits that people NEED in their lives (like Krystal, Jacey, and Helena), or their writing just resonates so well with their readers (like Grace)…and honestly there are 12381029308 other reasons why bloggers are successful. It’s not a mystery why there are men and women who are making a KILLING out there. The real mystery is trying to figure out just how to stand out in the sea of influencers.

Offer something different to your readers

And I’m not talking about something tangible or a service (although that’s obviously a plus). No. You need to offer something different to your readers to keep them coming back to your website. I feel like this is becoming more and more relevant as social media keeps changing at a rapid pace: Your website should be your NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.

Back when I was only posting outfits with absolute no substance, I wasn’t getting nearly as much traction as I did once I started bringing more to the table in the form of long form posts. I realized my style isn’t groundbreaking, so I was basically wasting everyone’s time by making them come to my website just to look a cute photos that they can see on Instagram.

Writing has always been a huge part of my life, so I’m really glad the long form posts have been something my readers enjoy. I want my sassy, sarcastic, ridiculous New York attitude to come out in my writing and be something you guys know me for.

Share what you’re passionate about

This took me awhile to get in the habit of doing. Yes, I love going to a blogger’s website every day or following along on Instagram. But do you know what I REALLY love? Getting to know a blogger. While I think some things need to remain absolutely private, I really enjoy feeling like I know a person by what they put out there on the Internet. There are a few people who really stand out to me when I think about passions. I LOVE how much Megan loves her chickens (she wrote an entire post about it) and pets. It’s always so fun to see them on her Instagram Stories – this New Yorker gets SUCH a kick out of it. I know I mentioned her above, but she’s just such a great example — but we all know how much Grace loves to read and do some self care (i.e. baths and masks). My friend Jenn is SO passionate about the work she does during her day job at Zapwater (and she is DAMN good at it).

While I think everyone who reads or follows me know that I love my website and love this crazy little side project, I also want them to know how much I love my job as a Merchandiser, how much I love being a New Yorker, how much I love a good SoulCycle work out, how much I love to enjoy a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, and how much I love my family. These are all things I want to share with others on social media. Those are all things that I’m super passionate about, and things that I want to be associated with.

Don’t be afraid to go against the norm

This should go without saying, but it’s so easy to succumb to what everyone else is doing. Oh, everyone is posting about the Nordstrom sale? Well, almost everyone — I did not (and here’s why I didn’t). Oh, everyone is going to NYFW? Here’s how I approach the craziest week of the year. It’s OKAY to not be like everyone else. Since there are so many bloggers, it’s OKAY to not be the best and not focus on things you really aren’t that passionate about. Instead of posting about a million sales or how much Instagram annoys you (I’m so guilty of this), try focusing on things YOU WANT to post about. Readers and those who follow people on Instagram are SO savvy nowadays, they can see through all of the nonsense. JUST DO YOU.

If you’re still with me, AWESOME. If you just scrolled to the bottom, then that’s okay too;) If there’s anything I hope you take away from this post, it’s that you should never be afraid to go against the norm to stand out. There’s a lot of us influencers and bloggers, and sometimes it can be really defeating when you’re stuck in a rut and everyone around you seems to be flourishing. At the end, the most important thing you can do is stay true to yourself!

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