Grey Area

We’re pretty much in that sort of grey area time of the year.

You know that period where we’re kiiiiiiiinda ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas but we don’t wanna be all about it yet because we don’t want to get dirty looks for being way too excited in the beginning of November. 

But let’s be honest – it’s November 3rd, so I think it’s okay to start getting into the holiday spirit. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing new and exciting content on Pink Champagne Problems (start here) and over social media as well. If you have any suggestions or have something specific you want to see on the blog – please let me know in the comments below or shoot me and email!

I truly want to post content that YOU want to see – so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

As far as this look goes, I’m really into dresses and over the knee boots (seen here and here). It’s an easy way to put off wearing tights (even though essentially most of your leg is covered) just a little longer. It’s also a great look that is office appropriate.

You’re going to think I’m lying about where I got most of my outfit from, but I promise I’m not. Forever 21 has seriously been killing it lately. I haven’t looked through the entire selection yet because it’s just a little overwhelming, but everything is really looking goooooood. Especially their sweater selection. GIVE ME ALL OF THEM

I truly believe in buying quality over quantity, but sometimes you’re just looking for a few cheaper items – and sometimes they end up lasting for a while. 

As for quantity: these boots and this dress are both under $50, and while I probably won’t have them for years and years, I’ll definitely keep them in heavy rotation for a few seasons. 

As for quality: I’ve been eyeing this coat for a few years now, but never pulled the trigger because I thought the price was a little over my budget. It finally went on sale (which was weird because I’ve never seen it on sale), so I knew I needed to get it. I went with this pretty heather grey color since I felt it just goes well with winter.

…and my boss made a great point in saying I won’t see the lint that gets caught on the wool 😉

So really, I think in the end your wardrobe should be all about balance. A balance of highs and lows, quality over quantity – it’s really fun to see other people mix a $14 t-shirt with a pair of $200 denim…it adds to personal style. And I like that a lot.

How do you mix and match your wardrobe?

Lydia Hudgens Photography

JACKET: J.CREW (wearing a 0, a tad large)

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