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Reasons To Love Winter Fashion

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Happy Friday! New York City is recovering from a snow storm. I don’t think we got as much as expected, but it was still really bad out there! Luckily, I had a snow day on Wednesday, so I took the time to relax and lounge all day. It was really nice not having to worry about commuting home in the storm.

Yesterday, I worked on a really fun, upcoming project which will go live next week. Trekking around in the slush wasn’t the best, but it was so necessary! Can’t wait to share more. Also after a snow day, I’m always so mixed up on what day it is, what I’m supposed to be doing, and so on. Am I the only one like that?!

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  1. 3.9.18
    Elle said:

    I’m mixed up on the days too! Staying home on Wednesday got me thrown off! Have a great weekend lady!

  2. 3.9.18

    I was totally going to buy those Celine dupes and they sold out 🙁 ugh! About to read that now. Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday!

    xo Laura Leigh

  3. 3.9.18

    that forbes article is so interesting! such a good read dana!


  4. 3.9.18

    The article on fashion empowering girls is so great. People so often think of fashion as trivial/silly, but it has enormous potential!

  5. 3.9.18
    Allie said:

    I can’t wait to see the project! Have a fantastic weekend! xAllie

  6. 3.13.18

    Just being at home relaxing and watching television must feel great. Pretty exciting up coming project so far.

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