FREE Online Workouts That Everyone Can Do (+ Support My Favorite Instructors)


As mentioned in a previous post, I wasn’t doing a lot of working out in terms of HIIT/cardio.

There’s SO many people doing a lot of online workouts right now, which means it’s kind of getting overwhelming. It’s just a lot of options to pick and choose from. OK so basically, it’s just like working out in New York City. HA! I wanted to share a few of the best ones I’ve seen online for you guys!


I’m bummed I’m not able to get to YogaWorks during this time. I was REALLY excited for this partnership, but I’m happy to still be able to connect with YogaWorks and take a lot of their online classes. They took their classes from the studio to the living room and are streaming OVER 80 CLASSES PER DAY. That is A LOT of yoga. And a lot of great options to choose from. Personally, I love a good vinyasa flow. That’s mainly what I’ve been doing, but every now and then, I start craving a power flow. YogaWorks gives you ALL the options to fit any mood!


Unfortunately, a lot of instructors had to be let go from their positions at gyms and studios all over. I love that their communities are lifting them up and taking their online classes (through IG lives, YouTube, Zoom, etc.). Some instructors have even been taking small donations for their classes, and I love that! Now more than ever we need to support the instructors that support us.

Obviously need to give a shout out to my boyfriend, Nick, for teaching IG Live classes every Monday-Friday. I’m lucky enough to be able to do them with him (from the other room). Personally, yoga is what my body needs at this time. It’s been fun being able to be alone while I practice, and I feel myself getting stronger….and definitely more sore than ever, LOL. I haven’t done this much yoga EVER.

Some of my other friends are doing weekly workouts as well — all super convenient (aka no equipment): Mantas (full body/abs), Isak (full body, boxing, etc), Maria (yoga). Be sure to check out their schedules!


I’ll admit it, I’ve only done AARMY once. But it was GOOD. And I understood the hype for sure. After holding out for so long, taking one of their bootcamp classes at their SoHo studio was so needed. I was planning on going to more, but then Covid-19 happened. It was actually really crazy to see HOW MANY CLASSES the team was still putting out there on Instagram Live when social distancing first started in NYC. And they’re just absolutely CRUSHING it. I highly recommend checking out their bootcamps and cycling classes (if you have a bike at home!). They are INTENSE. In a really great way. Your butt will feel KICKED after, I promise.

What work outs are you doing/loving right now?

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