And just as January began, so did the winter weather.

Surprisingly, I’m not complaining one bit about it either (we’re not getting into global warming over here). Right now, I’m pretty okay with the fact that I have to be super bundled up when going to and from work. I love wearing ridiculously oversized scarves, a cashmere beanie, and my favorite warm coat. I love feeling the chilled air as soon as I walk out my door (I’m usually so hot all the time). There’s something so refreshing about that. 

With that being said…..I’m preeeeetty excited to get my butt out of New York City for a few days and head to Mexico with 3 of my best friends. We’re going to Luke Bryan’s Crash My Playa festival in Riviera Maya and I’ve never been more excited for something.

Country music, a beach, all-inclusive resort, and my best friends? Sounds good to me. Be sure you’re following along on Instagram (@pinkchampagneproblems) and Snapchat (danamannarino). I’ll have some posts scheduled here as well, but I’ll be keeping all of you up to date on our Mexico shenanigans on other social media platforms instead 😉 


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