The J.Crew Emilie Sweater

J.Crew Emilie Sweater Lady Jacket

There’s nothing better than purchasing something, receiving it, and ABSOLUTELY falling in love with it. That’s how I feel about the J.Crew Emilie Sweater. I purchased this sweater when it first launched earlier in the year, and I think I screamed when it came in. And that sounds dramatic, but I was seriously SEARCHING this internet for a sweater exactly like this. Since then, I’ve added 4 more to my closet – so let’s talk about WHY it’s the best sweater of. all. time.

Reasons To Love The J.Crew Emilie Sweater


The Yarn

I had never seen the Emilie sweater until mine arrived in the mail. When I pulled it out of the box, I was SHOCKED by the quality. It’s SUCH a beautiful yarn and it makes the entire style feel so luxe. It’s woven in a compact way that gives it such substance and a bit of structure. I could easily mistake it for a sweater that costs $$$.

The Silhouette

I mean, you know we love lady jackets at J.Crew. So the Emilie sweater is a wonderful addition to the world of lady jackets. The silhouette is truly so perfect. In my opinion, it hits at the perfect length. I’ve been embracing wearing cardigans as tops lately, and this sweater is no different. When buttoned all the way up, it’s the perfect sweater top – and usually hits right at my high waisted jeans.

The Details

Of course, there’s nothing better than a detail that sets the look apart from others. The gold buttons are very much a J.Crew thing, and I just LOVE how they look on the Emilie sweater. The gold buttons give a great additional detail to an otherwise, for lack of a better term, plain sweater.

The Versatility 

My favorite part about the Emilie sweater is that it is SO versatile. I wear it with everything from jeans (both dark and light), dresses, skirts, and shorts. I mentioned that I like wearing it as a top too. I’ve worn this sweater under blazers too – you can see that outfit here!

What do you think? Time to buy the J.Crew Emilie Sweater, right?

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