Elle’s Edit: Why Instagram Should Be Down More Often

It was just yesterday when we thought the world was going to end. 

We never truly realized how much we relied on Instagram until it wasn’t working yesterday. The internet BLEW up with tweets of #InstagramBlackout2019. When browsing through Twitter it honestly looked like the world was about to end. Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of it too, but soon realized that this was actually a good thing. Why? Well, we rely so heavily on social media and spend endless hours scrolling through it. It is pathetic and something we don’t realize until there is nothing to scroll. I can’t tell you how many times I went on Instagram to reload it and realized that I checked 5 mins ago to find it still not working. I do this out of habit and it is shocking how often I do it. The best part of Instagram being down is that it allowed me to do things that I love to do while not being distracted by social media.

I read a book. A book? SHOCKING. Do we even read any more? I’m guilty of not reading much myself and my excuse is always that I have no time. Elle, yes you do. You spend at least 30 mins before bed scrolling through Instagram and I could be putting that time into reading a book and actually doing something good for myself.

I called my mom. Yes, I picked up my phone and actually had a conversation with someone. Something that we don’t do that often. It felt so nice hearing my moms voice and catching her up on life. Sure it was a quick conversation since I was walking from the subway to my apartment after work but it was a conversation.

I did my entire skincare routine AND flossed my teeth. Wow look at me! All this extra time allowed me to actually enjoy the evening and to spend some time pampering my skin and doing the dreaded task of flossing.

I planned out some future Elle’s Edits. This is something that I love to do but usually don’t have much time to sit down and brainstorm future ideas. As I was scrolling through Twitter I saw some incredible tweets reminding bloggers that it is SO important to put attention to your blog because one day Instagram could be down for good. Terrifying thought, I know, but your blog is something that you own. You do not own Instagram!

I read some news articles. Even though I do this every day I was able to spend more time reading topics that are of interest. For example, this CRAZY college acceptance scandal going on. I AM SHOOK.

What did you think of the Instagram Blackout?

Thanks for reading Elle’s Edit. If you have any topics that you would like for me to discuss, feel free to email me at elizabeth.lane.dooley@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you! xo

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