Elle’s Edit: What’s It Like To Be Friends With A Blogger?

You probably have wondered, “how can a normal girl like you be friends with a blogger?” 

So let’s back it up a bit. The story of Dana and I meeting is kind of funny. We met through social media! I have been reading blogs for years now and discovered Dana probably around Jan 2014 when I started my own blog. I honestly can’t remember the first time we started chatting but I commented on her photos/blog posts and tweets since the early days and once I moved to NYC we both mentioned how we had to take a Soul Cycle class together. It is crazy to me that Dana and I have officially only been friends for 1 year! You know when you just click with someone right away? Well that happened to us.

Dana introduced me to Allie and our friendship has grown over the past year and I couldn’t imagine my life without them! I received a DM from someone (Dana made me go public on Instagram so make sure you follow me) asking me what it is like to be friends with a blogger. To be honest, Dana is just my friend and I don’t refer to her to my other friends as a blogger or influencer. She’s just Dana. To help answer this question, I’ll break it down for y’all in a couple of points.

Is it awkward being at events and being introduced as just a friend?

Um, not really! Dana and Allie have introduced me to other bloggers and sure sometimes I feel like people are wondering why I’m here since I don’t have a blog but I honestly don’t care. If I’m a plus one to an event, I’m only going because it gives me extra time to hang with my bestie. The funny thing at events is that I’ve realized that there are SO many bloggers and influencers out there. I make Allie and Dana tell me who these people are and show them to me on Instagram. Frankly, I don’t know half of them and it is because there are just way too many.

Is it annoying to have your blogger friends constantly on their phone?

I get it. It is her job. I would say though Dana does an incredible job of being in the moment. Sure she captures pictures and posts them to her story or works on linking her items but it doesn’t take up the whole time that we are together. That’s why I always say that she is just Dana to me. I have friends who aren’t bloggers and they spend way more time on their phones, as sad as it is, it is the world that we live in.

Are you just friends with them because of who they are?

HECK NO. I had to include this in there because I know people have wondered this before and I’ve had people actually ask me this. I am SO proud of my blogger girls (Allie, Jenn, Jenn, Kristyn, and Emily) and they honestly impress me with everything they do. I’m so grateful that my friendship / platform before knowing Dana introduced me to all of these girls because they just make me so happy interacting with them either by DM, texting, or seeing them in person! I consider them all friends and only wish them success.

Do you get free stuff?

Dana and I share the same shoe size 😉 kidding but not. If I go to an event and I’m lucky enough I get a gift bag but other than that no. Again, it is not about the stuff at these events, it is about the extra time that I get to spend with my besties.

Do you help with photoshoots? What are they like?

I do when the photographer of the group, Allie isn’t around! I’m laughing as I’m typing this but I am HORRIBLE at using a professional camera. I want Allie and Dana to teach me / have patience to teach me because I want to be helpful and not a burden. It is just so complicated! When Dana and Allie are hanging out or if we go on a trip together they obviously have to shoot looks. It doesn’t bother me at all just standing there because again, I get to spend more time with them and I think it’s pretty cool what they do!

I hope this answered your question about what it is like being friends with a blogger! Feel free to ask any other questions you may have and if you don’t feel comfortable with asking, you can always DM me on Instagram or send me an email!

Thanks for reading Elle’s Edit. If you have any topics that you would like for me to discuss, feel free to email me at elle@itscasualblog.com. I would love to hear from you! xo


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