Elle’s Edit: What I’m Thankful For

Thanksgiving is by far more than the delicious food. It is a time to be thankful.

Dressed Up Thanksgiving Outfit Idea

I’m a lucky gal, I have the best friends and family in the entire world. I have a job that I really enjoy, my health scare is besides me, and I have a great roof above my head. I go through times in my life where I am so stressed but I always try to remember that I am “too blessed to be stressed.” Growing up on Thanksgiving my family and I would say one thing that we are grateful for and one thing that we want to change. I encourage you all to do the same and make it a tradition in your family.

My family.

I love my family so much. I am so thankful for my close relationship that I have with my parents. As an only child, my parents are my rock. As a child I always wanted siblings. I would always ask Santa for a brother or sister every single year. I would say around the age of high school, I finally accepted the fact that a sibling wasn’t ever going to come and I have to accept it. I have gotten so close to my parents since then and I am ever so grateful. They truly are my best friends and biggest cheerleaders.

My friends.

My friends are the best. They push me and make me a better person. Every single one of my friends brings something different to the friendship and I think that is so unique. There are some friends where I just clicked with instantly and that is so cool. What I’ve realized is that it is okay to have friendships that fade over time because stronger bonds do develop.

A good education.

I’m lucky, I was able to attend a great high school and college that challenged me academically but also personally. I have made lifelong friends and that is the best gift that could come from school. I had some really tough years in high school and college where I almost wanted to give up but I kept trying and pushed through my comfort zone. I am confident that doing this helped me become the hard worker that I am today.


I am so grateful for the brave men and women that protect me every day. Living in NYC has made me even more appreciative for the cops and first responders. They will risk their lives every single day to protect us. I am also very grateful for the ones who are fighting for our freedom. I can’t thank them enough.

Less serious ones:

Making the subway door right before it closes.

Okay had to throw this one in here. If you live in any major city I’m sure you can relate. I live in NYC but work in Hoboken, NJ (right across the river) and the Path (like a subway) takes forever between 2 trains. It isn’t like the normal subway so when I hear them say “stay clear of the closing doors” I sprint to get into the car before the doors close.

Fast walkers.

I am proud to admit that I am a fast walker. I hate slow walkers and people that hog the entire sidewalk. You have no idea. My sidewalk rage is far greater than my road rage. I think everyone who moves to any city should take a walking etiquette class. This includes learning that it is NOT okay to use an umbrella if it barely raining and do not walk in the middle of the sidewalk.

Not sweating. Enough said.

Fall. Only the best season of the year.

Ice Cream. Mint chocolate chip all the way!

When people give compliments. Especially from strangers. This goes along with when people smile at you.

The high five at the end of soul cycle. Makes you feel so good and part of a community.

When instructors say “great job elle” in the middle of a workout class. Wait? You know my name?

Taylor Swift. Will always be her number 1 fan.

Cozy sweaters. Give me ALL the sweaters.

#Sundays. Nothing beats watching football and taking a great afternoon nap.

Fresh manicures and pedicures. You feel so clean and put together.

Pay day. Can I get an AMEN?

Having the right to vote. Not everyone has that privilege.

DVR and on demand. The best most simplest pleasure.

Crossing off everything on your to-do list. Ah the satisfaction.

Gchat. I talk to Dana on here 24/7. No shame.

The freedom to be yourself. Even if people judge, always be yourself!

Christmas music. It starts right when I put my fork down tonight after eating turkey.

All of YOU. Thank you for supporting Elle’s Edit this year! And big shout out to my girl Dana, thanks for letting me do this.

What are you thankful for?

Thanks for reading Elle’s Edit. If you have any topics that you would like for me to discuss, feel free to email me at elizabeth.lane.dooley@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you! xo

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