Elle’s Edit: What I Would Tell My 16-Year-Old Self Now

There are many things that I’ve learned over the past decade that I wish I new back then.

Man, when I reflect on the past 10 or so years there has been a lot that has happened. When I was sixteen I was a Junior in high school and was just trying to figure out life. I felt like I was old but at the same time I didn’t have any independence. Rules were rules and I was just following the path that my parents told me that I needed to follow. There were going to be many difficult life choices that needed to be made about who I wanted to become and what I wanted the world to look like.

  1. Boys are just boys
  2. It is okay to get denied at your top college choice, you will love where you end up and if you don’t you can always transfer
  3. You don’t need to decide your future right now
  4. Juicy Couture is not cool
  5. You do not need the multi-colored Louis Vuitton bag
  6. Low-rise jeans will hopefully NEVER come back
  7. Don’t spend each day dreading being at school, make the most of it
  8. Study and pay attention in class
  9. Don’t tell your parents that you really don’t like them, you will regret it
  10. Your friends now may not be your friends in 10 years and that is okay
  11. Don’t let one mistake define you
  12. Enjoy your fast metabolism
  13. Don’t put so much pressure on prom and who you go with
  14. Learn to apologize and admit you made a mistake
  15. You’ll regret making your parents spend over $100 on anything from Abercrombie
  16. Nothing good happens past midnight
  17. Don’t be afraid to be yourself
  18. Enjoy life on AIM because it won’t last forever and make a good screen name, it will haunt you forever (ESuperstar1013)
  19. Don’t wish you were older
  20. Enjoy life, it goes faster than you think

What would you tell your 16-year-old self?

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