Elle’s Edit: What I Bought During The Month of July

We all love to shop, don’t we?

July was a very spendy month for me and that was for a couple of reasons; I moved & there were some great sales out there. I have to say I am actually pretty good with my spending as I tend to invest in more expensive pieces that last a longer period of time. Since I moved the end of July I had to buy some things to either decorate or just standard stuff you don’t think of but you need when moving. Since I have spent more than I have in quite some time, I am telling myself that I need to chill so let’s see if writing this actually holds me accountable in the month of August. So let’s jump into it…shall we?

Jcrew had some incredible sales this past month so I purchased. I purchased these basic t-shirts that I’ve grown up with, a what I call a “vintage” t-shirt, lightweight sweater, cute espadrilles, and a pair of earrings. Everything was such a great price and I honestly just said to myself well why not, I deserve some new clothes.

Organization. I am trying to be as organized as possible in the new space. I purchased these food containers, bins for my closet, picture boxesclothing box, and some other plastic containers to put under my kitchen and bathroom sink along with in my pantry. Think I am set for a while now considering I have enough boxes for everything!

Kitchen. This isn’t anything very excited but I got a pretty nice garbage can! It fits in the space really well and I tell myself I am such an adult for spending money on a nice garbage can. But hey! It should last me for quite some time!

Rugs. I needed a couple of new rugs for the time being so I purchased one for the entry, bedroom, and in my bathroom. Loving the light blue colors and it looks really nice on my floors!

Some other random purchases I made was a new steamer, a mouse pad (took 5 months of working from home to finally get one), shades on all 3 of my windows (can’t recommend this company enough), and custom built ins for my pantry and closet!

What did you buy last month?

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