Elle’s Edit: Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Gals

Regardless of your relationship status, you either love Valentine’s Day or hate it.

I have ALWAYS loved Valentine’s Day and how could you not? The day is filled of love, all things pink and red, and sweet treats! Even without a boyfriend (eye roll), I love spending the day with people that I love. I was supposed to be traveling today for work but last minute the trip got shortened so my coworkers surprised me with a ticket to Mean Girls on Broadway! They had this planned now for well over a week so I am so excited to tag along and have some fun with my gals!

For Valentine’s Day, I love to give little gifts to coworkers or people that I see later in the day. I understand today is Valentine’s Day and you think I’m crazy for writing this now HOWEVER there are so many last minute gifts you can buy on your way to work or during your lunch break!

At any pharmacy/drug store- My favorite little gifts include a face mask, nail polish, and a card. You don’t have to get a fancy expensive face mask by any means! There are so many great affordable ones at your local CVS. This gift may be small but it is thoughtful and perfect for any girl.

Treat them to a lunch time manicure- If you are lucky and have a longer lunch break and have a nail salon by you, treat your friend to a manicure! I mean, who doesn’t love a fresh manicure and to be pampered?

Any grocery store or flower shop- Some flowers! Flowers brighten up anyone’s day and make such a great gift. Just be prepared by bringing something that they can use as a vase if they want to store the flowers in the office. If not, make sure you are prepared to bring something that will keep the flowers alive until they get home. The last thing you want is to see the flowers die throughout the day!

A cup of joe- as simple as that! Walk into work with your coworkers favorite coffee OR surprise them with an afternoon pick me up.

Any bakery/grocery store- pre-made treats! Not as fun as being able to make them but again, we are on a time crunch here. Most pre-packaged snacks in my opinion are just as good as me slaving away in the kitchen for hours. This also allows you to bring in treats for your entire team and not just a select few.

Go out for drinks- if your coworkers have no plans, ask them to go out to happy hour! Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday so it basically is an invitation for endless bottles of wine. I have many friends who actually hate going out to eat/drink on this day when they are single. They find it embarrassing to be out with just girls and not their significant other. Frankly, I think that is so silly and no need to hide away in your apartment! The day is about love and not about who does or doesn’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend.

What does your Valentine’s Day look like?

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