3 Reasons Why I Don’t Really Like Valentine’s Day

Just because I’m in a relationship doesn’t mean I have to love Valentine’s Day.

I’ve always been a relationship girl, and I’ve still always hated Valentine’s Day. And the older I get, the more I dislike it.

Too many expectations

Anyone else feel like everyone who LOOOOOVES Valentine’s Day is actually just trying to one up someone else? Because that’s honestly how I feel. Because of social media, I think the expectations are kinda unrealistic. Look what my significant other did for me. See what my significant other bought me. Look at my flowers. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I don’t know, it all seems like too much. And I honestly don’t like setting expectations for Matt. I found myself being like “Oh so Valentine’s Day is coming up…” and then I was like why am I expecting him to do something for me? He does enough for me every day. Shouldn’t we always be celebrating love though?

It singles out single people

I know a lot of single people could give a crap less about Valentine’s Day, but I still feel bad that it kinda draws attention to the fact that people might be single. I guess that’s where Galentine’s Day comes into play. I know it’s not a huge deal to most people, but something about it kind of makes me sad. Maybe that’s just me being ridiculous, but I actually always have felt this way.

I mean, pre-fixed meals? No.

Just another excuse for restaurants to come up with jacked up pre-fixed meals. Oh and SO. MANY. PEOPLE. Hard-to-get reservations? THANKS BUT NO THANKS.

Okay so this post was half serious, half just me being a pessimist. Valentine’s Day isn’t ALL that bad. I have to admit, I like seeing people in love. Love is obviously happy and exciting and everyone deserves it. But if I had to pick a favorite holiday, my mind wouldn’t even think about Valentine’s Day.

Okay, now I need to hear ALL about your thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Do you love it or love to hate it?

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