Elle’s Edit: How to Land a New Job During COVID

The times are tough out there especially in the job market.

COVID has affected so many people in so many ways especially in our careers. The unemployment number is something that we haven’t seen since the Great Depression and it truly is gut wrenching. So many people are out of their jobs and have been for many many months. I could not imagine how difficult it is for those people as they fight every day to pay for their bills. Unfortunately the bills do not stop and they keep accumulating until you pay them. With all that being said, it even is even more difficult to land a job during this time. Whether you are unemployed and trying to find a job or you are currently working but want a change. It is not easy. Companies are downsizing to save their companies and most companies are on a hiring freeze until further notice. Despite the ups and downs of the job market, you can do some things today to be ready and approachable for when the time comes.

Make sure your LinkedIn is up to date. I’m sure you all are saying “well duh” right now but when is the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile? Especially adding in the job section exactly what you do and not just the job title. Recruiters do look at those keywords when searching so it is so important to make sure you have a full profile.

Research companies. Even if companies are not really hiring right now, it doesn’t hurt to research companies that you have always always wanted to work for. Spend the time looking at the companies website, their products (if they have any), who they stand for, their financials, you name it. Now is the time to do your homework and when the time is right, you can submit your application and can tell the recruiters all that you know about this company.

Find a new industry. This is a great time to do something that you have either always wanted to do or something you are very passionate about. I think COVID has made us really realize what matters in life and how life truly is so short. We spend a good chunk of time working so you better make sure it is something you enjoy. Research industries or just dive into something that you’ve always wished you’ve wanted to do.

Network. Even during these times! Build those connections with recruiters or friends of friends who are in an industry that you are in or want to be in. It doesn’t hurt to have a conversation with them about what they do and if they can help you in your job search. Nowadays people have so much time on their hands and want to give back. You just have to put yourself out there to reach out to these people and also return that favor if someone reaches out to you.

Do practice interviews. Now is the time to really invest in yourself, your answers, and how you approach interviews. Do you hate interviews? Change that! Practice so you are ready to get back out there. Don’t want to scare you by any means but know that competition for these roles are going to be tough. Think of how many people are out of work right now and are fighting for a job. If you come into the interview prepared but most importantly yourself, you will nail it!

Are you currently looking for a new job?

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    Very helpful girl! Thank you x

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