Elle’s Edit: How To Get Along With Different Personality Types

We all know that everyone is unique in their own special way, right? Well sometimes it is hard to be friends with people with different personality types.

You probably are wondering why would you be friends with someone who has a different personality than you? Well, hear me out on this one. It is probably the case if you really think about it. Sure you may have a select few of people that you automatically click with but you can be friends with people who are different than you. Opposites attract, right?! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how I am different from all my friends. We are on different paths and stages in our lives however when there is time for all of us to be together it just goes back to where it was. Isn’t that the best? Anyways, I wanted to share some ways to adapt to different personality types and how to make it work. You are going to encounter many situations with your friends, coworkers, and acquaintances that require you to adapt and have patience with their personality. Coming from the least patient person ever, it can be tough but some situations (ahem work) you have to make it work.

The Overachiever / Miss Perfect

I have to admit, I may fall into this bucket. I’m always someone who doesn’t feel accomplished if I don’t put 110% into what I am working on. I also am someone who feels the need to do everything. I am constantly busy and feel like I have to say yes to everything. It isn’t to impress people but more of an internal satisfaction of feeling accomplished. I know, sounds kind of lame, but it is who I am. However, there are some people that go over and beyond. What I encourage you to do is have patience with these people and realize that not everything is a battle. You need to decide what the true priorities are and let other things go. Think big picture.

The Know It All

Doesn’t it feel great to be right especially when it is with the person that is “always right?” Don’t worry, I get some satisfaction from that too. You are going to encounter so many of these people in the workplace if you haven’t done so already. You again just have to remember, it isn’t a battle. You know you are right (if you have something to prove) and just move on. I’m certain that whatever the problem is, it isn’t really important in the long run.

The Lazy One

This one is pretty tough in the workplace especially if it is with a teammate. You need to encourage them and make the work environment more positive. The positivity will hopefully trickle down and inspire them to be more productive. In terms of friendships, you just need to be active and engage with these people. They can often be shy and aren’t the first ones to come to you for an idea but you have to continuously encourage them to be involved or in the long run they will feel left out.

The Slow Poke

UGH if they are slow walkers, let them go. JUST KIDDING. This goes hand and hand with the lazy one. I’ve worked with many people before that are honestly so slow at everything they do. They have great attention to detail, which is very important, but it takes them forever to get a task done. If you have to work with someone like this, I encourage you to set realistic timelines and deadlines to keep everyone on track. This may be just what they need to move a little faster.

The Center of Attention

Do you have that one friend when you text something that happened to you that was good or even bad and the second later they spend hours talking about themselves? Yep, me too. It is so annoying. Regardless of the situation, it is ALWAYS about them. This is something that I’ve been struggling a lot with recently and is really testing my patience. I just have to keep my distance and go along with it. However, if they are your friend, let them know how you feel and tell them that you need their support right now. If they are a true friend, they will push their problems aside and be there for you and listen.

My last words of wisdom, you have to learn to adapt to the environment (whether you like it or not), everything is not a constant battle, don’t take everything so personally, and realize that everyone is in this together (did you start singing High School Musical like me..lol).

What are your tips when it comes to being friends or working with someone with a different personality? I would love to hear your experiences!

Thanks for reading Elle’s Edit. If you have any topics that you would like for me to discuss, feel free to email me at elle@itscasualblog.com. I would love to hear from you! xo

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