Elle’s Edit: A Week in My Life

Ever wonder what a 26-year old does in a week living in NYC?

I love reading posts like these because they are so relatable and we get to learn more about each other. Not one day is the same and not all weeks are as good as the last. This week was pretty rough not going to lie and that is okay! I definitely have some weeks where everything goes really well and others that just go terribly wrong however I know that shapes me into the person who I am. Now…let’s get started!


Name: Elle

Age: 26

City: New York, NY

Job Title/Company: Senior Analyst (Associate Manager) at a CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) company in Hoboken, NJ. I am responsible for eCommerce for our baby brands.

Thursday, June 13th: Every morning is pretty much the same. I wake up anywhere between 5:45/6:30 (depending on when I have to go to work), shower, read blogs, watch the today show, eat breakfast, do my hair/makeup, and head out the door! I live in NYC but my office is in Hoboken, NJ which requires me to walk about 10-minutes to the Path (like-subway under water) and another 10-ish minute walk to the office. Once I get in the office I put my lunch in the fridge (I bring my lunch to work about 3/4x per week) and then go to my desk and check the emails I received overnight. I do this for about an hour and then I make my way upstairs where I get coffee. I am #blessed because my office has its own Starbucks Barista so coffee is free and tastes just as good as any normal Starbucks. I continue answering emails while sipping my coffee and then going in and out of meetings the rest of the day. Today was a bit different because we had a 3-hour town hall with our eCommerce CEO to talk about leadership updates, state of the business, and any priorities. I love these high-level meetings and hearing from senior leadership because it helps me see the big picture of what we are working on. After work I went to a new hair salon in Hoboken to get my haircut. I’m pretty much a simple gal when it comes to my hair so I just needed a simple haircut. After the haircut I went home, made dinner, and watched some TV before going to bed.

Friday, June 14th: another pretty typical day but it was SUMMER FRIDAY! Woo. I love Summer Fridays and this year I am making myself take Summer Fridays. Last year I wasn’t able to leave the office until super late so I want to take advantage of it this year. I started off my day at Equinox at one of my favorite Barre classes and then made my way to the office. After answering a ton of emails, working on projects, I left the office around 2pm and made my way back in the city where I had to return some clothes and then get my laser appointment. After that, I trekked up to Dana’s office and met her for a drink and dinner before we went to Allie’s photography exhibit! It was so amazing seeing her piece come to life as she has been working so hard on it for months. After her exhibit I made my way back to my apartment and watched some TV before going to bed. I was absolutely exhausted from the long work week and just needed a chill night.

Saturday, June 15th: Busy day! I started off my morning by going to Equinox and going to another Barre class. I then went to the grocery store to get all of that done before Monday and then made my way up to my hair appointment! Today was an exciting day because I colored my hair. This was the first time I ever colored my hair and boy was I nervous. My hair over the past couple of years has become more and more dark (hello working in an office all day) and I wanted my lighter hair back. Long story short, I was at the hair salon for THREE hours and left with lighter hair and a huge hole in my wallet. I am very happy with my decision to take the plunge and get this done and thought it was worth every penny. I got home from my hair appointment around 5pm and took a 2-hour nap. I was so tired, you have no idea. I decided to have a chill night and just relax and I am glad I did.

Sunday, June 16th: Started off my morning by going to church. I am trying to get back into this routine of going as it is important to me. After church I went home, meal prepped, did some laundry and then went to midtown and got a massage. I am so stiff, probably from sitting at a desk all day, and desperately needed a massage. The last massage that I had was the day after my half marathon and even though that was relaxing I was in so much pain the entire time. This one was the complete opposite and I was finally able to un-plug and relax. I then went home and watched some golf while face-timing my dad since it was Father’s Day!

Monday, June 17th: Ugh Monday, we meet again. I started my day by going to Equinox and taking a cycle class and then made my way to work. Work is always so busy on Mondays because we need to update senior leadership on our sales and answer any questions they have on the past weeks performance. After work I have softball with my work sponsored team and even though it on a Monday we still have fun when we get there. The unfortunate thing is that it is so far in Hoboken (about a 1.5mile walk) and our game isn’t until 7 or 8pm so I don’t get home until 10 and that is late for a Monday. PLUS I miss the Bachelorette which is tragic if you know me.

Tuesday, June 18th: This morning started off rough. First of all the weather has been terrible here and has been rainy/gloomy for days. To sum things up, I dropped my makeup bag and everything broke, I was walking to work and someone poked me in the eye with their umbrella as they were opening it up, someone stepped on the back of my sandal and it broke, and I got stuck in my elevator for 10 mins! Definitely was a rough start to the morning but I kept reminding myself that things could be way worse. I was pretty busy as work but ended the day by going to Soul Cycle with a couple of coworkers which was fun. I got home, caught up on the bachelor, and read a bit before going to bed.

Wednesday, June 19th: Another gloomy day here in NYC! I didn’t have the best day again today and wasn’t in the greatest mood. I definitely am in a funk right now and am trying to kick out of it but it is taking a while. Work was work but after work we had a Welcome Buddy Happy Hour which ultimately means it was a happy hour where all the mentors were able to socialize with one another. I didn’t stay for too long since I wasn’t in the best mood (sorry to be a debbie downer) but I went home, made dinner, cleaned up my apartment a bit, caught up on some shows (I’m binging The Hills) and then went to bed!

How was your week?

Thanks for reading Elle’s Edit. If you have any topics that you would like for me to discuss, feel free to email me at elizabeth.lane.dooley@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you! xo

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