How To Cope With The Las Vegas Tragedy

After what the Las Vegas tragedy, I can’t shake this feeling of sadness and frustration and go on like business as usual.

Instead, I came here to just write.

How To Cope With The Las Vegas Tragedy by popular New York blogger The Champagne Edit

When I woke up on Monday morning, I was not a happy camper. I mean, who is on a Monday, right? I groggily walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face to attempt to wake myself up for the day. Shortly after, I checked Instagram. I clicked on Allie’s IG story which said something about how she was at a complete loss for words and was praying for Vegas. Naturally, I was confused AF. And then I went on Twitter.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I was so devastated by the words that were written. The videos about the Las Vegas tragedy that were shared were heart-wrenching. And then I got a text from my mother saying how happy she was that I wasn’t there. You see, my friends and I are huge country music fans. We’ve traveled to Mexico for Luke Bryan’s Crash My Playa concert, went to Farmborough Festival on Randall’s Island, and try to get to every country concert we can. Some of my favorite memories with my friends are at country music concerts. So when my mom texted me that, I thought, “yeah that could have been me”, but it isn’t.

Instead it was people like me. People like all of us. People that enjoy the fun and happiness country music is.

Just people.

From that moment on, the rest of the day’s tone was set: Somber. Mad. Upset. Confused. Outraged. Everything I’m still feeling right now.

How the f*ck did this happen again?

I couldn’t stop going through the news all morning, afternoon and night.

Not even sixteen months after the tragic Pulse Nightclub shooting, we’re doing this again. Enough is enough, we always say. And then it happens again.

Yesterday I felt physically ill. My heart hurt every time I hit “refresh” on the news. And now, it hurts all over again as we learn more about the victims. These were human beings just going out and doing what they enjoyed. I love concerts more than anyone else. I love screaming at the top of my lungs to one of my favorite songs. I love having a good time. And you know what? I was just at the Bruno Mars concert and I kept thinking, “What if someone just came in here and started shooting?” How sad is that?

This isn’t the world I want to live in. When does it end?

I’m not here to get political on you, because that’s not what Pink Champagne Problems is about. Today’s post is about how we deal with this…how we move forward.

Hug your loved ones

I came to my parent’s house last night and just hugged my mom and dad. I texted my best friends telling them I’m so glad we didn’t decide to go to the concert. And I texted Matt to tell him I loved him. Without your loved ones, you’re nothing. You never know when tragedy will strike, so you better believe that I’m going to tell those I love the most how much they mean to me. On a better note, do it more often than not. Don’t be afraid to be that annoying friend or that clingy/sappy significant other. Just do it.

Do something

Donate blood. Donate to the victims’ GoFundMe. Call your representative. Talk to someone.

Be kind to one another

Doesn’t Ellen DeGeneres say this after every single show? It’s so true. Just be nice to each other. After a huge tragedy like this Las Vegas tragedy, it’s normal to feel on edge, tense, and not okay. This is when the negative feelings might start coming out. If you’re mad or angry at something someone did, talk it out. Don’t hold a grudge and don’t be a complete jerk. I’m the first person to admit that when someone hurts my feelings, the claws come out. I’m trying to get better at this because you just never know what someone is going through. The smallest acts of kindness go such a long way.

Do something for yourself

Please don’t forget how important this step is. Take minute to meditate. Go to that yoga class and relax. Take out your frustration at SoulCycle. Lay in bed and cry. Do whatever the hell you need to feel better. Remember: You’re not in this alone. We are all hurting. It’s okay to feel this way.

I have no doubt in my mind that our nation will come together as one. I saw it first hand during September 11 in my own city. I know what tragedy does for the United States. We will get through it, and some type of good will come from this even though we can’t see that now. It has to.

And finally, I wanted to leave you with a quote I read from Dustin Lynch – country music artist:

Remember in the darkest times the world needs the joy that music brings. Music is love, and love always wins.”

illustration by alessandra olanow

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  1. 10.3.17
    Elle said:

    Absolutely loved this post Dana! Thank you for sharing this. What helped me after Newtown was to just spend time with my loved ones and reflect and choose love and kindness. It sounds silly but after Newtown we all said We are Newtown and We Choose Love. It is incredible all the love and support we got after that horrific day in 2012 and are still feeling that love. We just need to give that to Las Vegas and to never forget. Love ya! xo

  2. 10.3.17
    graceatwood said:

    I love this Dana. <3 <3 <3

  3. 10.4.17

    I am a firm believer in talking things out. My friends actually get a little annoyed with me about it but if I have a disagreement, I like to come to some sort of conclusion so we can move on. Also, I totally know what you mean about thinking about bad events happening when you’re in a situation. I find myself thinking about “escape plans” and crisis management in situations when I should just be having FUN! This is not the world we were meant to live in but posts like this are a step in the right direction in changing things! Thank you so much for sharing!

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  4. 10.4.17

    wonderful thoughts dana!