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I’m a big fan of a good belt. When looking back on my style, it kind of feels like the most consistent thing in my style has been accessorizing with a belt. I’m pretty sure EVERY SINGLE PERSON has at least one belt in their closet. Of course, belts serve a very functional purpose, but for me – I’ve been wearing them as an accessory or as that beloved third piece. A belt can take your look to the next level, and help you feel a little more put together.

belts to have in your closet

Belts to Have in Your Closet

The Thin Belt

I’ve been wearing this thin belt for almost two years at this point. It’s 100% my most worn belt because of how simple it is! PLUS, 2319283081 holes make it so versatile. I can wear them lower on my hips with jeans, high up on my waist with dresses, AND even use it to do a little sweater tuck trick when I want to wear a skirt with a sweater. When it comes to what belts to have in your closet, a thin belt is a MUST in my opinion.

What Belts To Have In Your Closet

The Woven Belt

The woven belt is so good for spring and summer. I don’t know why, I just feel like it’s appropriate for these seasons. I used to own the belt I had pictured above, and I’m SO mad I donated it a few years ago. I don’t think it fit in well with my style at the time before I really nailed my personal sense of style.

The Statement Belt

Okay let’s talk statement belts. These are one off pieces that you usually keep in the back of your closet. But every so often there’s a look that would NOT be completed without a statement belt. So that’s why I wanted to put it on this list. Even though they’re not your MOST worn belt, there is no worse than feeling than having the perfect look in mind, but missing the ONE thing that makes it A LOOK. Ya know?

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The Elevated Belt

And finally, an elevated belt. We love an elevated belt. These are reserved for those outfits that you KNOW are good. The outfits you feel so timeless in and can wear over and over and over again. But they’re still simple in a way, right?

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