The saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life,” really doesn’t really make all that sense to me.

I work every single day of my life — most people do.

Yes, we all know just how much I love my job as a Merchandiser. I actually just had an aha moment during my review (FYI, it went well ;)). I realized I’m truly in the right field and on the path that will lead me to where I want to be.

And then there’s Pink Champagne Problems.

Oh yes. The after hours work. It’s true that I come home and immediately start working on posts and scheduling. It’s true that I wake up a bit earlier to go through social media and begin sorting through what needs to be posted that morning. Yes it’s true that I wake up early on the weekend to take photos all over the city. It’s true that I’m that friend/girlfriend that has her laptop out every night while we’re hanging out because I need to make sure everything’s scheduled and meeting deadlines. And yes, it’s also true that I skip my lunch break to quickly meet my photographer for a shoot a few times a week.

All while doing this other thing that I love doing (remember — I have a full-time job too).

Between being a merchandiser by day and a blogger by night, I hardly have “free” time to just relax before I realize something else that needs to be finished. It’s tough. I’d be lying if I said it was super easy and as glamorous as I make it look.

So yeah, I”m working my butt off. Basically every day (Editor’s Note: Of course I believe in rest and the importance of disconnecting once in a while). But I’ve worked hard over the last two years to learn and handle my responsibilities from 9AM-6PM. I also know I work hard maintaining Pink Champagne Problems (playing roles from writer to accountant to salesperson).

Regardless of the crazy “worked” hours, I love what I’m doing. I get to wake up and go to work with people who are so talented and creative – I get to work in the industry that so many people take years to get into. And then, I get to roam around the greatest city in the world, taking photos of my looks to share and meeting new people who also love being part of this crazy community and just writing for the fun of it.

Say what!?

So what the hell am I trying to say? I believe you must work to do what you love. And if you do what you love, you’ll want to work harder.


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