8 Outfits That You Can Wear RIGHT NOW!

Not all outfits make it to the blog. *GASP*.

I will say over the last few months, I’ve been having a lot more fun sharing my OOTDs on Instagram. Since I don’t shoot with Allie every day, I decided to really start sharing my outfits. Speaking on Instagram Stories also gives me a chance to show you how it fits, what I like about it, etc. before it hits the blog (if it ever does). I also think it helps me get out of bed and get dressed.

I can say with 1000% certainty that getting up and getting dressed has helped me feel more productive at work. So if you’re in the slump of not really wanting to get dressed every day (WFH problems), I highly recommend just getting up and doing it! Some nights I’ll even set out an outfit before bed to make me really feel like I have to get up and do my normal commute routine.

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This is one of my FAVORITE outfits EVER. If I need an outfit to describe my fall style, this would be it. There’s nothing easier than a shacket (yes, a term you have ALL heard of this year). I’ve been a big fan of the shacket since I was working at Free People and we came out with an ADORABLE plaid one.

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This was the perfect outfit for a super chilly New York day. I had recently got this cropped sweatshirt and was so excited to wear it. Since I definitely needed some layers, I paired it back to this easy shacket (this one is more of a thicker flannel), and wore a beanie! I felt like a walking Abercrombie ad, but I was here for it. I loved the laid back look and the ripped jeans definitely play into that too. BUT of course, I had to get some more wear out of my white Gucci loafers before it gets REAL winter-y. I mean….winter whites still work, but ya know. Chilly feet.

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I’ve gotten SO much wear out of these overalls (THEY’RE ON SALE!!!). I’m SO happy with this purchase. I will say they run pretty massive. I’m wearing an XS, and I still think they’re pretty big. So definitely take that into consideration when shopping! Since it’s been weirdly (hi, global warming) warm in New York, I paired it with a muscle tee for a cool gal look. Also, I need to rave about these slip ons. I mean. They don’t seem practical, but they’re actually PERFECT. They’re so great for that in between weather.

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This is the look I wore when I went to VOTE for the very first time in my life! I wanted to keep it classic, and classy…LOL. JK, I was actually freezing and I started throwing on the layers. My sweater is pretty old from H&M, but they make a similar one now! This dad coat was a random pick up (generously gifted from Abercrombie), and I’m IN LOVE. There was a Brooks Brothers camel coat that I was eyeing FOR YEARS. But I could not justify the $1,300 price tag. This one is really, really great quality and under $300 – and not excluded from their sales, so definitely keep your eyes on this guy!

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Last week, I went shopping with my sister. I had ZERO plans to walk into H&M…but I did. And found THIS GORGEOUS blazer. I tried it on in stores, and I pretty much ran to the checkout line. It’s an oversized fit, which I love because you can dress it up and dress it down. And I’m ALL about that versatile wardrobe! On this particular day, I wanted to dress it down — I put on my trusted ripped jeans, loafers, and OBVIOUSLY a hat. Because from October-April (or beyond), I’m usually in a hat or beanie.

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Ok my mirror is getting progressively dirtier LOLLLLL my bad. And now you know what the state of my bedroom looks like 99% of the time. Sorry not sorry. #REALLIFE
I threw together this look randomly because I had to run to leave to go to my cousin’s house for the night. This Lou & Grey coatigan is AMAZING. It truly is a coatigan: I love the long length, it’s pretty much floor length on my 5’2 frame. I paired it back to an all black outfit (Madewell jeans — 40% off and this turtleneck). 

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This was another sweater I picked up on a whim at H&M. Ok fine. My sister picked it up first. I pretty much suckered her into letting me get it instead of her (it was the only one in the store). I’m wearing a medium, but I’d suggest getting your normal size (it’ll still be oversized). Clearly I’ve been into these old Levi’s. They’re just a tad too big on me…so unfortunately, I think I’ll be parting ways with them…

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As always, you can shop pretty much anything I’m wearing through liketoknow.it. I love it because you don’t need to have a login (although it’s super helpful!!). It’s one of my favorite ways to not only shop, but to also find some outfit inspiration. You can search by influencer, hashtag, or by keyword – which is definitely the coolest part about the app. If you have any other questions about links, sizing, fit, etc., never hesitate to slide right on into my DMs or send me an email!

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