5 Smart Self Care Things To Do ASAP

Stop what you’re doing…and start taking care of yourself.

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Drink up

I’ve been so much better about drinking water over the last few months. And now I actually ENJOY it. I love seeing how much water I drink throughout the day. I really notice that my skin looks better, and I’m less hungry! Drinking water does nothing but WONDERS for you.

Send a loved one a text

Shooting a random text to someone I love is one of the best ways to brighten my day…and the person I’m texting. Whether it’s my mom or dad, Matt, or a best friend…I just love telling everyone how much I love them. Seriously, when I love someone, I just wanna squeeze them till their heads pop off;)

Open up a book

My mom and I were recently talking and she told me that when I was younger, I once said to her, “Mommy, I just love reading because I feel like I’m in the places that are in the books.” (Or something like that.)  That pretty much holds true today. When I start reading, I really try to get lost in the book. I read because I thoroughly enjoy it, and it helps me forget about real life and social media for a few minutes.

Get an ice roller

Honestly, best purchase of 2019. I try and use my ice roller every day while I’m relaxing or need to depuff. They’re also great when you have a headache…LIFESAVER.

I’ll definitely include this in my next beauty round up, so stay tuned!

Buy yourself something

Whether it’s a fancy bag or a Starbucks iced coffee…just buy yourself something. YOU DESERVE IT.

So what are you going to do to show yourself some love ASAP?!

photo by allie provost

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