5 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Yoga

I dipped my toes into the yoga pond when I was in college, but now I’m finally finding a true love for it.

Back in college (which really feels like FOREVER ago), I signed up for a yoga class for credit. I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into because I really didn’t do yoga ever. But it was a 3-credit course, so it seemed like a great idea.

From what I remember, I really did enjoy yoga. I learned pretty much the basics of yoga, purchased a mat, blocks, and a rope. I remember even doing quick flows in my dorm room before classes. After that class ended, I took some classes in the Arlington, Virginia area and again, really enjoyed them. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep up with my practice until about a year ago when I took a few classes here and there. In October, I realized how much I enjoyed yoga.

I’ve really been trying to consistently get into a routine of practicing 3-5 times a week, and I think with my new work schedule, I’ll be able to achieve it. I’m also excited to be partnering with YogaWorks over the next three months. I know my partnership with them will allow me to focus on growing my practice.

increased strength and flexibility

It’s actually insane how much of a difference yoga makes on your strength and flexibility. My seasoned yogis, I know you’re rolling your eyes, because DUH!!! But I almost cannot believe how quickly I was getting stronger and more flexible. Within a few months, I found myself being able to hold myself in poses longer than I used to be able to. And there’s NO better feeling than that! Seeing these differences really helped make me more motivated than ever!

helps with lower back pain

Around October-ish, I started getting more in tune with my body and realized that SoulCycle was causing some back pain (along with horrific posture). It was an unfortunate situation because you guys know how much I love SoulCycle, but I had to cut way back on my typical 3-5 classes per week. That’s when I really turned to yoga. I realized my body was responding well to yoga even with my back pain and I’m definitely more aware of my posture – especially while sitting at my desk for 8+ hours a day.

the best stress reliever

This pretty much can be said for many classes. It’s a pretty personal opinion. But for me (and I know a lot of others), yoga helps me just let go for an hour or however long the class is. I’m able to focus on the flow and the moment. It’s nice to not think about what’s going on outside of the class, even if it’s just for a little bit.

opens you up to untapped areas

Did I ever think I would be the person who talked about yoga or energy or anything like that? ABSOLUTELY NOT. And while I’m not an expert, I do love speaking to people about my experience and love hearing about theirs. I think I used to spend a lot of time being negative, and not really appreciating the good things in life. For whatever reason, yoga has helped me become more positive. I’ve also been more open to learning more about my spiritual side.

Just a little story: I went to a New Year’s Day yoga and manifestation class and I wrote down that I was getting this job. And from that point on, whenever I spoke about the job, I spoke about it like I already had it. I somehow knew I was going to get the job. So yeah, I think that shit works.

I also started going to more events that have spiritual themes. Last week, I went to a great event with Crabtree & Evelyn for Full Moon Intention Setting. I let go of some things that have been bothering me and set an intention to lead with more love. I also went to a Sound Bath experience last Friday, and honestly I can’t tell you how GOOD I felt after. Honestly, I wasn’t really sure what sound baths did, but coming out of it, I was WAY more relaxed.

fun goals to reach

Since yoga is SO personal, it’s really nice to set some goals for myself. A few things I’m really working towards is: Perfecting crow pose (being able to hold it for a long period of time) and get into a headstand by the end of the year. I’m committing to practicing at least three times a week, so I know goals will pop up along the way.

Are you into yoga? If you are, tell me what you love about it! If you’re not, then why not?

photos by allie provost

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