4 Things I’ve Done To Improve Productivity In My Room/Office

While I love being organized, it’s kind of hard of me to stay neat and tidy. And since I work in my bedroom, I need to make sure I’m on TOP of my organization game.

Today, I wanted to share a few tips that allow me to create a space that I truly enjoy working in.


I wasn’t living at home from March-August. I pretty much neglected anything and everything in that room…and then when I started to come home more, I was VERY overwhelmed. Before COVID, I was really in my room 2-3 times a week just to sleep – the other times I was either at Nick’s and I was working in my office, so I wasn’t in my room much at all. When I started working from home Tuesday-Friday (Mondays I stay at Nick’s), I knew I needed to do something about my situation.

One of the first things I did was get rid of ALL THE THINGS. That included things from my desk, my filing cabinet, my night stand, and my closet. Anything I wasn’t in love with anymore, I got rid of and/or donated. That was definitely a good start.

add things you like

First, I updated my desk at my house to be more work-from-home friendly. Basically, I took whatever set up I had at Nick’s, and mimicked it at my house. I set up dual monitors, made sure I have my laptop propped up to eye level, and have a few organization pieces. Last month, I went to my office to pick up things at my desk (UGH, RIP NORMAL WORK LIFE), and forgot I had cute folder organizers and my pen holder. I’m happy I was able to get them because now my space definitely feels more like an office space.

have a system

Since my bed is literally three steps away from my desk, I really make an effort to get up and get dressed everyday. Although I don’t have my typical commute anymore, on most days I like to go out and pick up coffee or breakfast. It allows me to prep for my day without rolling out of bed and heading straight to my desk. I won’t lie…sometimes that DEFINITELY happens. Ooops.

make it a space that makes you happy

Although this really doesn’t have to do anything with my actual work space, I added a few things to my space that I absolutely love. Since this space is my bedroom, my office, and where I do a lot of things for the blog (like Instagram Stories, Reels, etc.), I wanted to make it what I wanted. I bought this clothing rack to allow for additional storage. I picked up this shelf ladder to add a little fun decor (and more storage). I purchased new bedding to go with a boho-ish vibe.

I also definitely clean up more often. If my space is clean, it’s easier to be productive.

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