3 Ways To Beat The End Of Summer Blues

I don’t think I’m the only influencer who feels this way, but the end of summer really puts me at a standstill. 

When I was in school, I remember always being excited to get back into a routine. But naturally, since I’m no longer on a “I start school at the end of August” schedule, things are kind of just blah. We’re at the back half of the year, and August is kind of like the bastard-child month. In New York City, it’s still hot and humid. I’m sick of everything in my closet, and just in a style rut (even with my RTR Unlimited).

Unplug for a bit

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been soaking up the last few weeks of summer. And I’m actually not a huge summer person. Well, I wasn’t. But I think Summer 2018 turned me into a summer gal. For some reason, I just feel like this was such an amazing summer, and for no particular reason. I’ve been forgetting my phone more, doing less mindless scrolling, and just taking in moments with my friends and family. For the next few weeks, I challenge you to unplug for a bit!

Think ahead

The end-of-summer blues have definitely had an impact on the blog. I’m kind of just sick of posting. I’ve gone down to as little as two posts a week (huge shout out to Elle for keeping the show running with Elle’s Edit). I’m just a bit over summer content, summer outfits, summer heat, and itching for a change. I can’t wait for fall to get here because I feel so much more inspired when it comes to the blog and creating content. I remember Linda used to make fun of me in college because once cooler temps rolled around, I came to life. We would get Starbucks before class, and I’d talk about how much I couldn’t wait for all of the #layers.

Start a new routine, or hit refresh on your current one

Much like getting into a new school year routine would make me excited, something needs to be done with my current routine. Remember when I talked about becoming a morning person? Yeah, well I’ve definitely been sleeping in. I just haven’t felt too motivated — which is probably weird to hear, because I’ve still been putting out content. But anyway…with the (unofficial) change of the season after Labor Day weekend, I’ve decided that I need to kick start my routine again. Waking up earlier to get work done in the morning was such a good thing for a while, so why not get back into it?

photo by allie provost

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