3 Styling Tips To Elevate Your Personal Style

We all want effortless ways to elevate our personal style, right?

Now that summer is “unofficially” over, I’ve been in absolute fall mode. And by that, I mean cleaning out anything that I barely wore this summer. I’ve been doing a lot of pinning, and I’m just really excited for all things fall. Mainly my wardrobe.

Today, I wanted to talk about 3 tips that can help elevate your personal style. These may be tips that you might not think about. Sometimes we get so caught up in the actual pieces that you’re thinking about buying or wearing. Instead, I wanted to share some other insight!

3 tips to help you elevate your personal style

Find a tailor

I NEVER got anything tailored. Until I found these pants. And I fell in love with them. I wore them so much, that I bought every pattern/color that was available. As soon as I got my first pair, I knew they were slightly too long for my 5’3 frame. Instead of immediately getting them tailored, I wore heels with every look. I realized how limiting that was, so I decided to take them to a tailor. Now I can wear them with heels, sandals, and sneakers. SO. MANY. MORE. OUTFITS.

Look at what you already love/own

Instead of constantly trying to reinvent yourself season after season, look at what you already love. For me, I already love trousers. I’ve worn them all summer. So I’m finding new ways to wear them when the temps drop. When you already have built a wardrobe of basics/things you absolutely love, it makes getting dressed for the next season so much better. This helps you really get a grasp on what your personal style looks like — and you’re less likely to have a closet full of trendy pieces.

Know what works for you

This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s actually more complicated when you think about it. Thanks to social media, it’s really easy to want to jump on every single trend. At the end of the day, trends may or may not work out for you. And you shouldn’t feel pressured to try all the trends just because whoever you’re following is telling you to try them. While trying new pieces and adding good staples to your wardrobe isn’t always a bad thing, it’s very easy to buy something because you think you’ll wear it forever…and then you just don’t. Instead, pinpoint pieces that you already own that you feel AMAZING in.

I hope these tips will help you instantly elevate your personal style, and how you think about your wardrobe in general!

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