Monday Musings

photo via instagram

Happy Monday! This weekend was an absolute scorcher in New York – and I took full advantage of it…..a.k.a I got my tan on by the pool with a glass of rosé in hand.

Ways to pair unexpected items in your wardrobe.

Moving forward and letting go. Thanks to Hallie for sharing this article!

A linen blazer to wear the sh*t out of for the rest of summer.

New shoe company crush? Franco Sarto.

Am I crazy for wanting to add ANOTHER pair of Ray-Bans to my collection?

Speaking of sunglasses, I just ordered this pair…wait for it…to RENT! For free! Normally it would be $19/month (which is think is reasonable), but Krista shared this awesome code to get your first month free! Definitely worth a shot.

Absolutely amazing to see how the biggest fashion bloggers transformed their Instagram pictures. They were all human once 😉

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