Smooth Moments With Veet

This post is sponsored by Veet.

We’re about to get reeeeal comfortable with each other. Remember when I seemed really happy with the fact that it was bare leg season? I might have forgotten one thing…I have really dry skin. Like all year round. The worst part? It gets so dry right after I remove hair from my body.

Total bummer, I know. Two of my biggest things I live by when it comes to my dry skin: Exfoliating and lotion. It’s that plain and simple (not so simple though, considering I need to lotion like three times a day).

When I purchased Veet, I was skeptical as to how my skin was going to react after I got out of the shower. To my pleeeeeeasant surprise, my skin was actually smoother than ever. Veet’s shower gel comes with an awesome exfoliating sponge that really works. After I got out of the shower, I used some of my go-to lotions and voila, I was ready to go.

Thanks to Veet’s long lasting results, my legs are smoother and better hydrated – which means not much more lotioning for this girl!!!

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