Monday Musings, 10/12

Another weekend came and went, and now it’s Monday again. Luckily, I took a personal day from work to relax and and catch up on being lazy 😉

Weekend Highlights:

  • It was two of my friends’ birthdays on Saturday (they’re twins), so it was really about celebrating them – aka brunch 😉
  • I had the pleasure of speaking at the Lovely Happenings event on Saturday afternoon. I talked about fall trends with a few other amazing bloggers and got to meet so many amazing people. Check out a little bit on Instagram (and look at the #LovelyHappenings) and come back soon for a little recap!
  • Yesterday me and the guy watched my sister complete her 5th half marathon (SO happy I sat this one out) and then I took naps for days. It was a great Sunday.
  • Wore these boots 2 out of the 3 days.

Things You Need To See:

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