Words Of 2020: Gratitude & Mindfulness

For me, 2020 is all about intentions. And these words are going to help me throughout the year.

At the beginning of 2020, I mentioned that I picked a few words to bring me through the new year. I picked them based off some recent life changes as well as what I want to come in 2020 and beyond. Last week, I wrote all about two words – BALANCE & BE – and today I’m excited to talk more about my next two words of 2020!


When you think about it, there’s always something to be grateful for. Sometimes it’s hard though, especially if you’re going through a rut. Or even something beyond that. The best way to start practicing gratitude is to simply notice things every day. Make it intentional. Last year, I started the Five Minute Journal, and it allowed me to really think about things that I was grateful for. I also realized that it needed to be MORE than just being grateful for a specific person or thing week after week. When you hone in on specifics, you begin to truly appreciate things.

I also don’t take it too seriously. It’s OK to be grateful for things that are both big and small: My mom for making me dinner. A great iced coffee. Getting praise at work. Making the subway. Just opening your eyes a bit more can really help enhance your gratitude practice. I also believe that the more you practice gratitude, the more you’ll encourage others to do the same.


I like to think of mindfulness in two parts: Personally and socially.

Personally: Not going to lie. This is usually tough for me. In a way, mindfulness goes hand in hand with being. Honestly, it’s hard to quiet your mind.  But it’s important to practice mindfulness and just check in with yourself mentally and physically. Personally, there’s NO way for me to completely turn off my thoughts. Luckily, when I practice mindfulness, I’m not trying to do that 100%. It’s more of just paying attention. I’ve found that the moment I’ve realized my mind has wandered…that I’m being mindful of that. Crazy, right? Then, I’m allowing myself to get back to being present. And then kind of just doing it all over again. Kind of like riding a bike.

Socially: If I’m not distracted by my phone, it’s most likely something else. And I’m starting to realize that sometimes I’m not mindful of how that comes across to other people. Especially if they’re trying to tell me something. Listening is a big part of friendship and relationships. And those are two things I really treasure. So why shouldn’t I practice being more mindful? I’m often caught up in my own bullshit (pardon my French) which leads me to be more selfish. That’s something I really want to STOP doing in 2020. By being more mindful of my own actions and awareness, I can be mindful of others.

What are your thoughts on practicing gratitude and mindfulness?

photos by allie provost

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