Why We Need to Compliment Each Other More

It really pays off to be kinder to complete strangers.

I had the idea to write this post while watching the TODAY show last week. In Minnesota, ONE man started a 900-person chain reaction of paying it forward at a Dairy Queen. ONE PERSON. That’s literally all it took for so many people to be kind to each other.

I’m just going to go out there and say it: 2020 FUCKING SUCKED. While I actually don’t have too many complaints — myself and my family were pretty healthy, I somehow kept my job, and I feel more connected to my website and social media community now more than ever — it still sucked for so many. Which means it sucked.

Every day there seems to be another story, another closure, another cry for help. And it’s just like, ENOUGH. I can obviously only speak for my experience in New York, but man, things are SO NOT COOL. The governor made the decision to close indoor dining, further pushing the knife further into the heart of the hospitality industry. Broadway is STILL closed down. So many people are still calling into unemployment every week to get some paycheck.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the sad news, it’s also a fantastic reminder to continue to be kind to others. And what’s a really easy what to do that? COMPLIMENT EACH OTHER!!

Here are some small compliments you can give to your friends, family, strangers, etc.

  • Tell someone on the street that you like their outfit
  • Go out of your way to send a text to a friend telling them you’re so proud of what they’re doing (even if that means just going through life)
  • Message your favorite blogger and tell them what you love about their content
  • Send a thank you to someone on your team that helped you out

Compliments should be genuine and come from your heart. I promise there is NOTHING better than receiving a genuine compliment. Not only does it give the person a boost of confidence, but also gives them a nudge to compliment others too.

photos by allie provost

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