Why Hats Are Cool + Favorite Hat Brands

Hi, my name is Dana and I’m a big hat girl.

I don’t think it’s a surprise that I love hats. If you look at Instagram, you’ll be able to see just how much I’ve been wearing hats. And in the Fall/Winter? HATS + BEANIES?! What more could I ask for?!

forget your hair

Honestly, between hats and dry shampoo, there’s not much washing happening. SORRY NOT SORRY. If I curl my hair, and I HATE the way it looks, I throw a hat on. BAM. There’s also a lot of days where I just don’t love how my curls look. Or days I don’t want to curl my hair. So again…I throw a hat on to make myself feel better. And I really don’t love when my hair is pulled back, but I always think low buns with a hat looks chic.

completes a look

I don’t really accessorize with jewelry, so I add a hat when I want to complete a look. I think hats give you a little bit of a cool factor. And by a little, I mean a lot. I think that even though they make a statement, they still give you an effortless look. I love how there’s so many shapes of hats — you can find one that fits your face/head and style.

they’re functional

Aside from the fashionable aspect of hats, they’re actually very functional.

I’m pretty bad at wearing sunscreen. I really, really try to wear it every day even if I’m not laying out in the sun. I know how important it is BUTTTT sometimes I just forget. But that’s where hats come into play. A lot of hats have UV protection, and I’m ALL about that life.

Oh and what about hats keeping you warm?! I used to be SEVERELY against wearing beanies. I wish I knew why. My first boss always wore one in the winter, and then towards the end of my time with her, I started wearing one too. And what do you know? I was significantly warmer when I wore them. Beanies were basically my saving grace during my commute to work or just walking around the city in the winter.

favorite hat brands

Lack of Color I never understood the appeal of Lack of Color hats. Until I bought one. Then I got it. They’re SUCH well made hats, which is definitely why there’s a hefty price tag.

Rebecca Minkoff When I found this beanie, it was GAME OVER. I ordered it in every color I could get my hands on (and even ordered new ones for this season). It kept me warm all last winter, and I just LOVED the way it looked! I mean, I freakin’ love my pink one the most.

Urban Outfitters If you’re looking for good quality, at a good price, then I definitely recommend UO. I look for beanies here, and recently picked up this wide brim hat.

12th Tribe I found this shop over the summer and fell IN LOVE (wore pieces here and here) with their stuff. I picked up TWO hats — both from Olive & Pique, and I love them. They fit my style PERFECTLY (wore the blue one here).

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  1. 9.30.20
    Laura Leigh said:

    you know I am with you on the hat obsession! cannot get enough of them. lack of color is definitely my favorite, stetson is a close second. checking out that 12th tribe as I LOVE that blue hat you styled!

    xo Laura Leigh

    • 9.30.20

      We LOVE a good hat. You really rock them SO well. I haven’t heard of Stetson (omg am I a fraud!?), but I saw the one you thrifted — so cool!