Why Everyone Needs An Elle Around

You ever just meet someone and instantly know you were MEANT to know each other. Well, that’s how me and Elle’s story started.

Elle and I were social media friends for a while: Always commenting on each other’s posts and such. When I found out she was going to the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, I was like WOW THIS IS MY TYPE OF GAL. Although we didn’t get to meet each other that day, we decided to finally get together and go to happy hour. Long story short, we were inseparable after that night filled with margaritas, vodka clubs, and fireball shots.

Seriously, Elle and I think it’s so crazy how we haven’t even known each other for a couple of years, yet we probably know EVERYTHING about each other. I’ve never clicked with someone so fast in my life…we consider each other soulmates.  Elle’s birthday was on Saturday, and it really got me thinking about her and our friendship…and how everyone needs an “Elle” in her life (or multiple “Elles”). I put that in quotes because NO ONE is allowed to my MY ELLE. #DSED (right, Elle?)

You know you have an “Elle” in your life when:

She’s your biggest cheerleader

One of the biggest reasons why I think Elle is one of the best humans around is because of the way she rallies behind her friends. She is the first one to support her closest friends. Elle has always been a HUGE supporter of my website, and as we grew closer, she started understanding the business side more. This has really helped me trust her when it comes to my brand and this website! (Oh, and can we talk about how she KILLS Elle’s Edit?)

She’s not afraid to tell you you’re stupid

And I mean this in the best way possible. Whether she tells me I shouldn’t purchase something, or I’m being silly over a brand collaboration, Elle doesn’t hold back.

She’s got your back no matter what

Having someone in your life that has your back REGARDLESS of what you’re going through is everything. Back when Matt and I were dealing with a tragedy in our lives, Elle was there telling me she was there for me, offering us her apartment if we needed somewhere to stay in the city, and even baked us treats. The funniest part? We weren’t even friends for a year at that point. The fact that I have someone I can go to for anything is just so comforting.

So while this post was about the Elle in my life, it really goes without saying that I’m blessed with SO many amazing friends in my life. I firmly believe that you should surround yourself with people who lift you up, boost your confidence, and just really click with you. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by old and new friends that make me genuinely happy. From high school to college to post-college to SoulCycle friends…they all play such an important role in my life, and obviously make me who I am today.

photo by allie provost

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