Why Aren’t You Social Distancing?

It’s safe to say things are a little, well, weird.

I gotta be honest, I was the first person to not take this seriously when things seemed to actually be getting serious.

But then I noticed how empty the subways were during rush hour. Then my job sent us home to work from home for 2 weeks. Then my favorite stores decided to close for two weeks. Then it was declared a national emergency. Then the shelves of stores were raided.

Yeah, it got serious.

Up until Sunday, I really just went along with my normal day to day things: I went to a laser appointment, I went to SoulCycle, we went grocery shopping and to Bed Bath and Beyond, I went to hang out with my cousin (so I had to take the train up there). But almost overnight, I realized just how important social distancing is at a time like this.

limit your social engagements

This is probably the most important thing for us to be doing right now. Yet, I’m noticing a lot of people still crowding restaurants and bars , and I couldn’t help but think of how many people are just incubating this virus. I’m really seeing that a lot of people just aren’t caring just because they feel fine. I always think about my parents, who are over 60, and my 97 year old grandma. I’m not about to be the reason why someone else gets this virus just because I’m healthy and could probably easily fight off the infection.

help where you can

Whether it’s donating to local food banks or charities that will provide students with meals while their schools are closed. I took one little different approach when I learned Broadway went dark. I was supposed to see SIX: The Musical on Friday, but since all shows have been canceled, I decided to donate my refunded ticket to The Actors Fund. When you think about just how many people are not working right now (actors, ushers, stagehands, dressers, bartenders, etc.), you can’t help but want to help them! Since I’m so in love with Broadway, it just made sense. There’s obviously more I’d like to do though!

I’ve also been seeing some people offering to help their elderly neighbors or someone who could potentially get really affected by the virus. I love seeing the good come out in people during this time!

check on yourself

This is obviously a super weird time. We don’t really know what’s going on or for how long this is going to be our life. I know we always preach “self care”, but this is something we should take seriously. Yes, take care of your skin, but also to really take the time to check in on yourself. See how you’re feeling. Are you extra tired? Are you bored? Are you drinking enough water? Do you need to take a 10 minute walk outside? Little tweaks to what you’re doing while you’re home can help make this time a lot better.

check on your friends

Obviously this is super important. Hop on a FaceTime call if you can’t be around your friends during this time. Send a text to see what they’re up to. Suggest a book or TV show for them to watch. Just be there for each other!

binge watch

Yup. Probably the most acceptable time to do absolutely nothing and start binge watching. I just started watching Schitt’s Creek, and I’m so happy I have so many seasons to watch, HA! Find something new, and just BINGE.

learn something

Guys, I COOKED something. Yup, it’s true. I COOKED. Me and the guy wanted to make tacos, and I took it upon myself to actually cook the meat. GASP, I KNOW. And I didn’t hurt myself…or mess it up!!! (YAY ME). I actually didn’t mind cooking at all, so maybe it’s something I’ll take on;) I plan on doing some at home work outs and yoga while I’m working from home too! I also saw a lot of people were taking on needlepointing, baking, and reading. So just find something and DO IT!

So if you’re not really taking this whole social distancing thing seriously. YOU SHOULD. We have the rest of our lives to go out and do social things…now is not the time to do them. Learn to be cooped up in your home and help flatten the curve!

What are you doing during this time? Share below so we can all get some ideas!

photos by allie provost

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