Wedding Guest Dresses

I actually haven’t attended THAT many weddings.

I mean, maybe I have? I don’t know. Most of my friends weren’t engaged until recently. And then obviously I’ve been to family weddings. The most recent wedding was Rob’s brother’s wedding, and right before I was like “WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO WEAR?!” Since I’m not a professional wedding guest, I really have no idea what to wear to weddings.

Unless it specifies black tie, you really don’t know the vibes. Here are some tips I use when it comes to picking a dress as a wedding guest + some really great options.

Look at the venue

When I get a wedding invitation and it’s time to look for a dress, I always go to Instagram and search the venue. This gives me an idea of what the venue looks like, so even if you can’t tell the theme/vibe based off the invite, you can see what other people have worn to weddings!

Ask the bride

If you’re close to the bride, you could always just ask! One thing I try to make sure of is to not wear the same color as the bridesmaids. If you’re not that close to the bride (if you’re more friendly with the groom), I would stick to looking at the venue and/or the type of invitation.

Comfort is key

While we obviously ALL wanna look good, I think it’s so important to dress comfortably for a wedding. If you’re anything like me, I love to dance at weddings, so I make sure I don’t wear anything I’m going to be fussing with for the entire night.

Wedding guest dress picks

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