Wardrobe Staples: What I Have In My Closet

Wardrobe staples could be very different for everyone’s closet.

For me, I have quite a few “staples”. These are things I’m CONSTANTLY wearing and re-wearing. The pieces that my mind automatically think of when I say, “What should I wear today?” I always love taking a peek into other people’s closets.

Black Jeans

I was actually not a big fan of black jeans until like 2016. I remember my very first pair of black jeans, they were from Paige. They were stretchy and everything I wanted basically. Since then, I tried a lot of different black jeans. I really liked this pair from Gap (seen in this post). They didn’t fade much, and I wore the crap out of them for years. Then, I was introduced to Everlane and my wardrobe was changed forever. Not only do I love their cashmere, but also love their Authentic Stretch denim.


This is kind of a new staple for me. To be honest, I hate wearing bras. And to be even more honest, I don’t really need one (itty bitty committee right here). When I started working for Free People, I knew I was introduced to the Adella bralette. I realized I had seen this bralette EVERYWHERE. I wear one pretty much every day. They go under everything, and are perfect if you’re wearing a more revealing top (like this one).


I’ve loved cashmere for as long as I can remember. I totally blame my dad for this because he also loves cashmere. I was really big on J.Crew cashmere for a long time…until I learned about Everlane. My go to is the cashmere cropped mockneck sweater (I have it in a few colors). It’s the perfect length to tuck in, and to layer longer shirts underneath.

Wedgie Jeans

Styling A Black Blazer With Denim; Levi's Jeans

If you haven’t tried Levi’s Wedgie jeans, you’re missing out. I wasn’t really sold on them at first, because I assumed they wouldn’t look good on my curvy hips and short legs. Well, now I’m pretty much obsessed with them – I have a pair in black, light wash, and medium wash! I love that they’re more casual and laid back.

Good Flats

How To Style Gucci Shoes, Princetown Mules, Gucci Mules

My go to shoes are loafers and mules. There’s something about them that make a look feel so polished and put together. Some of my best investments are my Gucci mules. I also love my Chanel ballet flats. I usually keep a few pairs at my desk even when it’s winter because that’s how much I love my looks worn with flats.

Good Boots

Christmas In New York City: Wollman's Rink, Central Park

I also think everyone should have a good pair of boots in their closets. A few years ago during Black Friday, I purchased two pairs of boots in black and taupe that were seriously AMAZING. Even though I usually reach for my booties, I still think it’s important to have a good pair of booties, over the knee boots, and knee high boots.

photos by allie provost




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