Rosé All Day: A Play-by-Play

If there’s one day I look forward to every year (besides Christmas and my birthday), it’s the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. Without a doubt.

Last year, Allie and I had the best time (or so we thought), so we knew we couldn’t pass up the chance to head to the Rosé Garden this time around. And I thought last year was fun? Psht, it had nothing on this year 😉

Here’s how our day went………my apologies for the photo overload.

11:15a.m.: Allie and I head from the Upper East Side to Battery Park.

11:20a.m.: *Creepily stalking the amazing (and not-so-amazing) fashion* while waiting on line. OMG. Oh hey, Bill Cunningham…take my pic! (Updated: RIP BILL!)

11:30a.m.: All aboard! We hop on the ferry to go to Liberty State Park.

12:15p.m.: After a 20-minute walk from the ferry, we finally arrive at the park. And yet another security guard tells Allie that her bag is…..different. Naturally, we start hysterically laughing.

12:20p.m.: We were greeted by the friendliest of bartenders and literally couldn’t stop smiling when we heard the best sound in the world….POP!

12:45p.m.: I took over Rent The Runway’s Snapchat, so I needed to get a few posts in before really kicking off our day. This is the dress I wore.

1:50p.m.: Time to get another bottle….

2:05p.m.: And the polo match begins! I really know nothing about the sport, but I did know that Nacho was one of the jockeys. So I guess that was pretty cool.

2:30p.m.: Blogger meet up time! By chance, a group of bloggers happened to be in the same area at the same time. It was SO nice getting to see Hallie again (she’s the reason I took blogging seriously, started working with Lydia, became obsessed with SoulCycle, and decided to do a breakdown of the VCPC like this!) and finally getting to meet Jenn, Grace, and Julia in person! Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in this crazy community, but then you meet the genuine girls who are so supportive of each other. It makes you wish you could all live in the same city!

3:30p.m.: What the heck is divot stomping? Oh ya know, just a fun polo tradition…

3:40p.m.: Oh, time for ANOTHER bottle? Okay then.

4:15p.m.: Pretty sure the polo match is over. And we ran out of bottles of champagne that came with our tickets. So what did we do? Buy another bottle. This time, we switch to Yellow Label….and Allie wasn’t too happy with me 😉

4:30p.m.: Oops. Someone knocked the bottle over and a little spilled out. So we thought it was smart to buy another….isn’t that the logical solution?

5:00p.m.: Definitely time to go onto the field and do silly things.

6:05p.m.: What? Time to go already….you’re kidding right? Welp, time to head back to the ferry – another verrrrrry long 20-minute walk.

6:10p.m.: Downpour? No problem…good thing I wore a floppy hat. Allie…not so much.

6:45p.m.: See you later, Veuve Clicquot….we’ll definitely be seeing you next year.

All Photos By Allie…or some random person taking photos of us 😉 Full outfit post coming soon!

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