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I didn’t think that this Turn It Up 20 challenge would impact me the way it has. I thought it would be a cool way to challenge myself, maybe lose a little weight, and just have fun. And while it’s been all of those things…it’s been a lot more than that.

As of today, I have 4 classes left. I’m doing a double on Monday, a class on Tuesday and finishing up with my favorite instructor, Mantas, on Wednesday – one day before the challenge is over. *HIGH KICKS AND FIST PUMPS*

Here are a few things I learned from the Turn It Up 20 Challenge:

  • I’m a lot stronger than I think | As a former competitive runner, I used to work out 6 days a week…for 50 weeks out of the year. And that came to a screeching halt when I got to college. One week during the challenge, I did 5 classes and ran 3 miles on Saturday. And it felt really good. I forgot how good muscle memory can be 😉
  • If you work hard, you’ll see results | I’m down 5 pounds and I’m starting to see a little definition in my arms – saaaay what?! Me? With muscles in her arms? That’s never happened before. I’ve been going to SoulCycle for a little less than two months and I’m already seeing positive results. 
  • 45 minutes is the perfect amount of time | SoulCycle has easily become my sanctuary. And fine, maybe that sounds silly, but until you’ve really put everything out there on your bike, you wouldn’t understand. It’s the place I go for 45 minutes of ME time. I don’t think about anything else but myself…and sometimes that’s totally necessary. When I clip into the bike, I take a step away from reality and do my own damn thing.

A few questions I’ve been asked:

Front row – what the heck is that?
The front row at SoulCycle is known as the “sacred space” where advanced riders sit. They’re the ones who are expected to give off the best energy, ride with the pack and stay on the beat. Intimidating? Absolutely. But ever since my first SoulCycle class, my goal was to make it to the front row….and it happened a lot sooner than I thought. Hallie asked me if I wanted to ride up front, and I was feelin’ really confident that day…SO I DID IT. It was definitely a different experience, I felt like a badass, and since then I’ve rode up front one other time!

Tips for a first time rider?
Go into it with ZERO expectations. Let everything go and focus on yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others – don’t even look at anyone (one of my favorite things about SoulCycle is that it’s dark). Connect with what you’re instructor is saying, even if you don’t understand, just don’t give up.

What do you wear to class?
Personally, I don’t like wearing shorts when I work out. Unless I’m running. Normally, I wear tights from Nike, Old Navy or Under Armor. I recently just picked up some SoulCycle tights from Lululemon – IN LOVE. I always wear a tank top. ALWAYS. Because…well, you sweat a lot. I’ve been loving all of my SoulCycle tanks, but when they’re in the wash, I opt for Nike tanks.

Is it really like a cult?
NO! Ok, fine maybe. But not a Scientology kind of cult. It’s a place where people are all there to do the same thing, but for different reasons. And we love that.

Why do you love tap backs so much?
I love tap backs because it’s a huge momentum changer for me. When i’m feeling tired and my instructor tells me to tap it back, I refocus and get to work. Also, I want a cuter booty;) PS: Tap backs with a push up are slooooowly becoming my new favorite move on the bike.

PS: I may or may not have a fun feature coming up on the SoulCycle blog soon 😉

Lydia Hudgens Photography

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