The “Trendy” Pieces That Were Totally Worth It

Sometimes a trendy piece is, in fact, worth the investment. 

For the most part, I really only buy pieces that I KNOW will last for at least a few years. Of course every now and then there’s something that catches my eye that might not be considered a classic piece. But I want to buy it anyway. So I do…and turn it into a staple.

fur loafers

How To Style Gucci Shoes, Princetown Mules, Gucci MulesI posted this picture on Instagram and I realized just how “trendy” my Gucci fur slides are. But guess what?

I wear them just as much as I wear my other slides and loafers. I love them so much that I have three pairs (the GG pattern, solid royal blue velvet, and solid black velvet). For me, they seem so effortlessly chic. So while the “fur” thing may be trendy, they’ve been a pretty big staple in my closet for over a year. I love how they keep my feet cozy when the temps drop! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I even have my eye on another pair…

statement coats

This season, coats are kind of my jam. I have my classic trench coat for Spring and my Canada Goose for Winter, but I’m just SUPER into fun coats lately.

I know not all statement coats are classic pieces, but I still knew they have a place in my closet. This teddy coat might be one of the best purchases I’ve made for fall so far! It’s SUPER cozy and I love the way it pairs well with any look. I actually love wearing it to and from SoulCycle or yoga. It makes my work out look a little chicer;) My other trendy jacket purchase was this baby. I mean, SO fashion forward, but I thought it was too cool to pass up!

fun plaids

Plaid are always very important for fall. In my eyes at least. Obviously working for Free People has opened my eyes to funkier silhouettes.

When it comes to plaids, I’m really into more oversized pieces that act more as a layering component. I’m a bit over the plaid shirt, unless it’s oversized (because I truly live in this shirt too).

When I picked out this plaid shirt jacket, I knew there was SO much potential. Layer it over a dress or keep it casual with jeans.


And those are three “trendy” things that I actually really love to wear…and will continue to wear! What items do you have in your closet that fit into this category?

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