Is The Row Margaux Bag Worth It?

The Row Margaux Bag

The age old question: “Is The Row Margaux Bag worth it?”

First off, I’m not going to lie to you. I didn’t care for The Row Margaux Bag at first. I don’t think I was in my “quiet luxury” loving era (I’m still on the fence about the term quiet luxury, tbh LOL but it’s just fun to say) yet, and The Row certainly wasn’t on my radar in terms of price point. Still really isn’t…but bags & shoes are always my exception. So when I started seeing the Margaux all over Instagram and TikTok, I was curious. Very curious. And then I saw it was sold out. Everywhere.

I personally don’t care if everyone has something I have my eye on. I’m very well aware that I don’t have the most unique taste. So I did some research on the bag, and decided I’d love to try and get my hands on it. I’ll be honest, it took months of stalking resale websites, having notifications on, and just constantly checking my email. And one day I got lucky.

The Row Margaux Bag

I was able to snag a suede Margaux 15 in black, and it VERY quickly became the only bag I used in the fall and winter. Now, like any honest review, we need to discuss the pros & cons of the bag.


  • Goes with minimal style A big reason why I gravitated towards this bag was because I think it goes perfectly with my style. I was wearing it with sweater
  • Perfect for travel Okay, I technically haven’t traveled with this bag, BUT I commuted with it for months. I’d absolutely bring it with me as my personal item on flights!
  • Great for petite frames When it comes to handbags, I’m usually a “the bigger the better” kind of girl. Naturally, I had alerts for the 17 too, but when I received my bag, I’m SO happy I was only able to get The Row Margaux 15 vs. the 17. I’m 5’2 and it’s still an oversized bag on my frame


  • Suede isn’t all year round Now that the temps are warming up, I’m a little bummed that I have to put my bag away for the summer. I do LOVE suede handbags, but I almost wish a smooth leather option had popped up first. But honesty, I was going to take whatever I could get.
  • Heavy quickly I’m the girl who loves to schlep things around. And adds 50 pounds to my bag while doing it. When I first got this bag, I was like “Oh I’m FOR SURE using it as my work bag.” And I did for a couple of weeks. But it was A LOT on my arms. The 15 and 17 do not come with a crossbody strap, so you have no choice but to carry it on your arm or in your hand. It’s definitely not a great New York commute, but I just loved it so much I wanted to make it work. Doing this REALLY took a toll on the straps, so I might take it to get it looked at and see if they need some love.

In summary, I think The Row Margaux bag is a GREAT investment if it’s what you’re looking for. I can absolutely picture having this bag for years and years to come.

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